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RFID has been present in the market since ages but now companies are taking this technology to the next level by introducing innovations that offer more accuracy and efficiency across numerous industries.

Considering the huge demand of RFID, related technologies are also being constantly upgraded to better meet customer requirements.
Considering the huge demand of RFID, related technologies are also being constantly upgraded to better meet customer requirements.
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In today’s age, the recent demand for smart supply chains across industries has increased the need for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). This innovative technology enables one to track and manage products efficiently. Considering the huge demand of RFID, related technologies are also being constantly upgraded to better meet customer requirements. In this article, we analyse some of the most recent innovations in this space.

Sustainable RFID tag technology

Last year in November, Stora Enso launched a new sustainable RFID tag technology called ‘Eco’. Suitable for usage in supply chain, retail and e-commerce applications, the technology is designed for intelligent packaging functionalities. The unique feature of the RFID tag technology is that it offers a plastic–free solution i.e. the tag is produced on a 100 % fibre-based paper label which provides a recyclable solution for packaging authentication. ‘Eco’ is a cost-effective product which can automatically track and trace the products across the entire supply chain. The paper-based RFID tag offers high conductivity at a lower cost compared with graphene or silver printed antennas.

Multi-ranger – multifunctional RFID reader

Multi-Ranger, a new product claimed to be the first 99 %+ accurate multifunctional RFID reader has also been launched. Created by RFID technology provider, PervasID the new innovation addresses the inventory challenges of retailers’. One of the most stunning features of this technology is that it is capable of achieving more than 99 per cent tag detection. The RFID reader also comprises a wide-area passive RFID system (Space Ranger), an anti-theft RFID system (Security Ranger) and a portal system (Portal Ranger). The cost-saving technology is capable of covering back storage area, sales area inventory and exit/entrance anti-theft solution all on a single system.

Handheld RFID readers

Zebra Technologies has recently come up with two new handheld RFID readers – the MC3330R and MC3390R. Equipped with an Android operating system and integrated bar-code scanning engines, both the RFID readers are easy to use.

The MC3330R is a superior RFID reader that enables one to capture even the most challenging RFID tags quickly and accurately. The lightweight reader is produced for maximum uptime and is a boon for industries such as healthcare and retail. The RFID reader is used for inventory, item finding, automatic replenishment, trunk stock demo, etc.

In addition to this, the MC3390R is a lightweight and long-range RFID handheld reader that proves beneficial for achieving accuracy and efficiency in inventory management, order fulfillment, cross-docking, etc. Equipped with the high-performance ASIC radio technology, the reader delivers higher throughput more accurately and quickly. Ideal for semi-industrial environments, the RFID reader is used for cross docking, item locating, inventory or cycle counting, etc in the manufacturing, transportation, and warehouse management sectors.

These are just some of the latest solutions available in the global market. To witness many other interesting labelling and identification solutions, do visit LogiMAT, the soon to be held exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.

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