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Vericut 8.2: CGTech’s showstopper at IMTS 2018

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CGTech will be displaying Vericut’s new release of version 8.2 at IMTS 2018.
CGTech will be displaying Vericut’s new release of version 8.2 at IMTS 2018. (Source: CGTech)

The company will be showcasing its new release of Vericut at the trade fair. In addition to this, CGTech will also host a presentation on ‘choosing part optimisation strategies’ for visitors attending the event.

As an expert in producing numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification, optimisation, and analysis software technology for the manufacturing industry, CGTech enjoys a significant presence all over the world. The company has provided services to some of the leading names in the aerospace, automotive, consumer, mould & die and tooling industries.

With growing customer demands, the need for upgrading and introducing new technologies has increased like never before. Like many other industry players, CGTech has also undertaken the challenge for evolving its existing product range with new enhanced features for the benefit of the customers’ production process.

Vericut version 8.2

With half of the year gone by, the firm will be showcasing its latest upgrades and technologies at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2018 that is expected to be hosted in the USA. One of the main product highlights includes the new release of Vericut version 8.2.

Vericut is a CNC machine simulation, verification and optimisation software that is capable of carrying out different types of CNC machining such as drilling and trimming of composite parts, water jet, riveting, robots, mill/turn and parallel kinematic/hexapods. The updated version redefines CNC simulation with major user interface, optimisation, and additive enhancements.

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Appealing features

Some of its distinct features comprise a user-friendly interface called the Radial Ribbon which is a customisable menu that detects some of the most used functions by the customer and then makes it available by a single click. It also includes a ‘Ribbon Search Field’ option that assists users to search for the required Vericut function.

The Head-Up Display (HUD) is an additional customisable feature that highlights the status of the NC programme or other programmes on the top of the ‘Views’ section thus keeping a check on all the machining functions. Apart from this, the software has also incorporated a ‘Program Alerts’ feature that showcases errors and warnings in red while running numerous NC programmes.

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Force turning and calibration is another element of the new version. Force is a NC Program Optimization module that analyzes and optimizes cutting conditions throughout CNC Program operations. Altering and limiting the cutting of chip thickness and feed rates in corners, diameters, and tight spaces is possible with the force turning feature.

Another interesting aspect of Vericut’s version 8.2 is its improvement to the additive module. The new version improves verification of processes such as buildup of overlaps, acute corners, tight overlapping bead paths, and double-deposits. In addition to this, it will also send out an alert in case of excessive distance of the Laser Focal Point from the part’s surface or when there is too much build up at corners and overlaps.

With the upgraded Vericut version, CGTech aims to go a step further than its competitors by bringing out enhanced features to boost production lines. IMTS 2018 is expected to attract footfalls in large numbers and the firm will surely make the event count for them!

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