Microsoft Joins the Board of Directors USA: OPC Foundation

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

The OPC Foundation has elected Microsoft to its Board of Directors. The new board seat, which will be held by Microsoft Director of IoT Business Development Matt Vasey, is an extension of Microsoft’s support for OPC Foundation since the company first became a member in 1995.

Matt Vasey, Microsoft Director of IoT Business Development joins the OPC Foundation.
Matt Vasey, Microsoft Director of IoT Business Development joins the OPC Foundation.
(Photo: OPC Foundation)

Microsoft’s longstanding commitment to interoperability and the OPC Foundation includes the OPC technology portfolio and OPC-UA, active participation in the OPC Foundation technology working groups, and ongoing representation on the OPC Foundation Technical Advisory Council. “OPC Unified Architecture is an essential component of the connected products that manufacturing customers need today, and it is increasingly seen as an important part of enterprise Internet of Things scenarios and business models,” said Matt Vasey, Microsoft Director of IoT Business Development. “I am personally excited to be working with the OPC team to help our customers unlock the value of these high-value IoT scenarios that span from the edge to the cloud. Microsoft is committed to openness and collaboration and fully supports OPC-UA and its evolution.”

“OPC-UA is widely recognized as a key communication technology for the Industry 4.0 initiative,” says Thomas J. Burke, OPC Foundation President and Executive Director. “Microsoft’s support for standards that foster IoT innovation, and specifically for OPC and OPC-UA, result in easy, direct and secure communications from PLC controllers on the shop floor to the top floor world of IT.” Burke continues: “It’s a great honor to have Microsoft join the OPC Foundation Board of Directors, and we welcome Matt Vasey’s outstanding efforts to facilitate the acceleration of OPC Unified Architecture as the solution for the Internet of Things.”

Matt Vasey is currently responsible for IoT business development at Microsoft, where he is working with a cross-functional team to continue to build out the ecosystem of technology partners, standards bodies, and other innovation catalysts that are required for the new generation of IoT applications, services, and systems that serve both individuals and businesses. He also serves as an officer, and was instrumental in the formation of this organization working closely with other founders from Intel, ARM, Cisco, Dell and Princeton University.