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USA: For German Companies Business with the US is Gaining Real Momentum

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Machine manufacturers will increase their exports to the USA phenomenally

At the Hannover Fair 2016, the USA as partner country would be the centre of attraction. “With the US as partner country, the fair will offer a splendid opportunity of presenting the entire versatility and dynamics of our economic relations, and of expanding them”, says Dr. Peter Wittig, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in the US.

For the Hannover Fair, getting the USA as Partner Country is a big success according to its internal information. “President Barack Obama has expressed pride on the strengthening of the domestic industry. Modernization of the industry sector and digital networking of manufacturing plants is going on full throttle in the USA too”, says Dr. Jochen Köckler, Member of the Board of Directors of the Deutsche Messe AG. “The aim of the US government is to regain its position among the leading manufacturing locations of the world. As partner country of the Hannover Fair, USA is predestined to achieve this goal”. Obama will declare the fair open on 24th April together with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, and will participate in the traditional tour of the fair premises along with her on 25th April.

With its entry as partner country, the principle objective of the US would be to attract foreign investors and to expand its exports. In this connection, the country will present itself as an attractive location for investments, and strengthen its perception as manufacturers of quality products. As disclosed by the trade fair company in advance, thematic salient features of the partner country USA shall be energy efficiency and energy production, manufacturing technology, intelligent technologies, training and further education as well as transatlantic partnerships.

Push expected from the entry of the US as partner country at the Hannover Fair 2016

The VDMA considers Obama’s visit to the Hannover Fair as a splendid opportunity of expanding economic relations. “With his assurance, President Obama is honouring the German industry and underlining the significance of our trade relations. We hope that his presence will give a new and decisive impulse to the negotiations on the TTIP Free Trade Agreement. And we expect that the negotiation leaders on both sides will have straightened out many points of discord before the start of the Fair in coming April,” says Dr. Reinhold Festge, President of the Association of German Machine and Plant Manufacturers (VDMA). The Free Trade Agreement does not only offer the machine building industry on both sides of the Atlantic the opportunity of more growth and jobs. “TTIP is also a symbol of the long-term, close link between Europe and the USA”, emphasised Festge.


The machine manufacturers association hopes to get very strong positive impulses from such a free trade agreement: The waiving of customs duties would on the whole bring cost savings worth three-digit millions in the German machine manufacturing sector alone. Through the harmonisation of admission specifications and standards, high human resources and materials costs too would be a thing of the past. The air technology specialist EBM-Papst estimates the costs of a certification in the US to be 40,000 Euro for every 10 million Euro turnover according to a communication of the VDMA – a conspicuously bigger amount than in all other large sales markets. Finally, the anchoring of investor protection would bring legal safety especially for small and medium-sized companies. Because there is no law in the US which prohibits discrimination against foreign investors. MM

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