National Manufacturing Barometer UK: Your opinion wanted!

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

For a national survey, British manufactuers are asked to give their opinion on how business developed since the Brexit referendum and what their biggest concerns are.

UK's manufacturers are asked to give their opinion on the future of the British industry.
UK's manufacturers are asked to give their opinion on the future of the British industry.
(Source: Cucumber PR)

Small to Medium sized manufacturers (SMEs) can have their say on dealing with Brexit in the latest National Manufacturing Barometer launched today. The survey, conducted by SWMAS (part of the Exelin Group) in partnership with Economic Growth Solutions (EGS), is urging companies to come forward and have their say on one of the biggest changes to the global economy in decades.

Open until July 20th, firms are being asked how business has been since the vote, how they see it going over the next twelve months and what their biggest concerns are going forward, covering issues such as free movement of labour, trade tariffs and increased bureaucracy and paperwork.

There will also be sections with questions on whether they plan to open an EU facility and the type of ‘Brexit’ they would like to see.

“You can’t open a newspaper or watch the television without “Brexit’ being mentioned and we’re now finally getting down to the negotiations and what the trading landscape could start to look like,” explained Simon Howes, Managing Director of Exelin Group.

“That’s why we thought it would be an ideal time to gauge the current sentiment of the UK’s SME manufacturing community and find out what their aspirations and concerns are around life after we leave the EU.”

He continued: “We are also asking if they are pleased with the way Government are taking business needs into consideration during the negotiations and if a ‘Made in Britain’ campaign could help boost trade.”

In addition to the special focus on Brexit, the survey will also find out how SMEs are faring, with firms invited to provide updates on recent/future sales performances, plans for investment and recruitment intentions.

According to the Exelin, the National Manufacturing Barometer takes no more than 15 minutes to complete and is open to small to medium sized manufacturers in the UK. If you are a senior manager, you can enter the survey at

This article was first published on ETMM online.