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Machinery sector is the driving force of the entire manufacturing industry in terms of value-added production and the key to Turkey’s industrialization.

Adnan Dalgakiran, Präsident Turkish Machinery
Adnan Dalgakiran, Präsident Turkish Machinery
(Photo: Turkish Machinery)

With a 10% share of the total Turkey export volume, the Machinery Sector is one of the fastest growing sectors within the Turkish economy. Being the 6th largest machinery manufacturer in Europe, Turkey exported nearly 15 billion dollars in 2014 by increasing total export volume by 5.4% as compared to the previous year. EU countries, the US and Russia are the leading export markets for the Turkish Machinery Sector exporting to approximately 200 countries around the globe. Turkey aims to rank among the key machinery exporters in the world by realizing 100 billion dollars in machinery export in 2023 and is making steady progress towards this goal.

Respectable Player

Turkish machinery sector being a respectable player in the international market with high value added, engineering skills and competitive prices. An examination of 5-year export-increase performance of sectors reveals that the machinery sector achieved 68% increase in exports in the year 2014, which compares with 48% increase in the nearest second-ranked sector. Import coverage ratio in Turkish machinery sector nearly doubled in the last 12 years. Supplying investment goods to many domestic sectors and reducing foreign-dependency and foreign trade balance, the machinery sector is the key to industrialization in Turkey, as is the case worldwide.

Turkish Machinery Export

Germany has the highest share of Turkish machinery export. Turkey’s machinery export to Germany which amounted to nearly 2,3 billion dollars, increased 9% and the Germany share of total Turkey’s machinery export reached 16 % as compared to the previous year. Motors and components, air conditioners and cooling machines, pumps and compressors, industrial cleaning, drying and dry cleaning machines, reactors and burners, valves, construction machinery, machine tools and rolling mill, foundry machines, moulds tools have the largest share of the machinery export to Germany. In addition, Turkey has 2 % share in Germany’s machinery import by taking place as 13 th machinery exporter.

The Turkish Machinery Group

Turkish Machinery Group was established by Machinery Exporter’s Union (MAIB) in 2007. MAIB is the only Union in Turkey in which machinery exporters are represented. MAIB originated in 2002 to coordinate all activities to ensure export growth in the sector. The union currently has 6,000 Turkish machinery members. Turkish machinery members follow the European Union and international standards and norms, and the majority of them have the “CE” mark on their products.

Turkish Machinery Group has performed its promotional activities, mainly in Germany, and conducted promotion campaigns in Germany, Russia and USA. In 2015, the Group has represented Turkish exporters by participating to 17 fairs in countries as Germany, France, Mexico, Italy, Turkmenistan, Japan, Russia and USA. In addition, in 2016 the Group plans to participate to 19 international machinery sector fair in countries as USA, Germany, Mexico, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, China, Indonesia and India.