Turkish-German collaboration Turkey: Machine construction industry asserts its presence on German trade fairs

Author / Editor: Silvia Bartsch / Lina Klass

The Turkish machine construction sector continues to be one of the most dynamic sectors of the Turkish economy. It has increased its share of the overall Turkish economy and exports.

Turkish Machinery at Intec Leipzig
Turkish Machinery at Intec Leipzig
(Bild: Turkish Machinery)

The machine construction sector enjoys a 9.3% share in total Turkish exports, making it the country’s second strongest sector. Turkey also sends exports to over 200 countries, including the free trade zone.

With an average annual growth of 15% over the past 5 years, the Turkish machine industry currently enjoys the world’s third fastest growth in exports. Exports by the machine construction sector have increased by a factor of seven over the past 12 years.

Economic players attach particular importance to economic relations between Germany and Turkey, which have been extensive, intensive and reliable for many years. In Turkey, the German machine industry is viewed as a major driving force for technology, progress, innovation and quality. Therefore, for many Turkish enterprises it is very important to cooperate closely with the German machine sector so that they can apply their own advantages of flexibility, innovation, performance and geostrategy to the fulfilment of technological developments and to learn from and achieve progress with German enterprises.

Expansion and Intensification of German-Turkish Cooperation

With a current membership of about 8,000 companies, the Association of Turkish Machine Exporters represents all exporting Turkish machine construction enterprises, thus covering the machine manufacture, supply industry and order completion segments, as well as additional suppliers to interim and end customers. As contact partner in Germany, Turkish Machinery focuses on an intensification of German-Turkish cooperation, the launch of co-production, technological transfer and joint research and development projects. Particularly significant in this sphere is the Turkish machine industry’s access to information, partners, consultants and services in connection with Industry 4.0, digitlisation, robotics and automation.


But also as a procurement market and an international location, the Turkish machine sector offers German enterprises far-reaching potential for international investments.

Turkish suppliers are internationally competitive especially in moulded metal, wrought metal, sheet metal, milled and turned metal parts, cogwheels, springs, coatings and sealings, special connectors and plastic injection moulding, as well as in the manufacture of specialised machinery.

Turkey’s presence on German trade fairs and cooperating with the most varied organisations shows how important cooperation with Germany is for Turkey’s economic players.