Turkish machinery and manufacturing industries Turkey: Countdown for WIN EURASIA Metalworking

Author / Editor: Yalçın Gür / MM Makina Magazin / Christine Friedrich

The 21st edition of WIN EURASIA Metalworking was held on February 11th to 14th, in Istanbul. Developments of Turkish machinery and manufacturing industries and Turkey’ place as being a convenient networking hub are attracting international players.

Impressions from WIN EURASIA 2016, Istanbul TÜYAP Fair Center
Impressions from WIN EURASIA 2016, Istanbul TÜYAP Fair Center
(Photo: MM Makina Magazin Turkey)

WIN EURASIA Metalworking was held on February 11th to 14th, 2016, in İstanbul TÜYAP Fair Center. We talked prior to the fair about the potential of Turkish market with Alexander Kühnel, General Manager of Hannover Messe A.Ş.. Kühnel firstly said that Turkey is a convenient networking hub that brings together manufacturers and buyers with its easily accessible and strategic location in the center of Asia, Europe and Middle East and its big market with a population of 78 million people, and then pointed out the main aims of Turkey: Planning to achieve 100 billion USD worth of export, the machine industry plays a major role in the course of action of Turkey, a country which aims to achieve an export volume of 500 billion USD by 2023 and to rank among the top 10 economies worldwide.

Kühnel explained the course they set considering the 2023 aim and growth of Turkey: “As organizers of WIN EURASIA Metalworking, the leading manufacturing technologies exhibition of Eurasia, we are contemplating and planning how we can contribute more to such development. With effective press and marketing activities conducted with an international communication network owned by Deutsche Messe AG, we offer a unique business platform to exhibitors and visitors where they can share new technologies and information. We conduct matchmaking for target countries and target industries using a special department that focus on visitor organization, and introduce our exhibitors to the right buyers within an effective and international event.”

Three trade fairs: Metal Working, Surface Treatment and Welding

WIN celebrated its 20th anniversary in WIN EURASIA Metal Working 2015 show. The fair brings together three trade fairs, Metal Working Eurasia, Surface Treatment Eurasia and Welding Eurasia, under a single roof. Post show report of 2015 event states, that 622 exhibitors participated at WIN EURASIA Metal Working on a 16.953 m² show scale, and the show was visited by 29.106 professional visitors from various sectors and countries.

The figures and story of Turkish machinery industry in Turkey shows the main reasons of WIN Fairs investment in Turkey. Before talking about the machinery industry in Turkey, it will be helpful to look at some general figures of Turkish economy and industry first:

  • Major Exports Markets of Turkey: Germany (9.6%); Iraq (6.9%); UK (6.3%); Italy (4.5%); France (4.1%); USA (4%); Russia (3.8%); Spain (3%); UAE (3%); Iran (2.5%) (2014)
  • Major Imports sources of Turkey: Russia (10.4%); China (10.3%); Germany (9.2%); USA (5.3%); Italy (5%); Iran (4.1%); France (3.4%); South Korea (3.1%); India (2.8%); Spain (2.5%) (2014)
  • Trade Agreements of Turkey: Customs Union Agreement with the EU and Free Trade Agreements with Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile, Croatia, EFTA member countries (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, South Korea, Macedonia, Mauritius, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Serbia, Tunisia.
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Number of Companies with Foreign Capital: Over USD 12.5 billion and more than 41,000 companies.