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Machine tools sector is also hopeful

Machine Tools Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TİAD) Chairman Hakan Aydoğdu shared some information regarding the position of Turkey in the Machine Tools market in the world. He stated the position of Turkey through comparing with the leading countries:

• In Machine Tools production, China is in the first place with 23.8 billion dollars while Turkey is ranked 12th with 722 million dollars.

• In Export of machine tools , Germany is in the first place with 8.98 billion dollars while Turkey is ranked 15th with 484 million dollars.

• In the import of machine tools, China is in the first place with 11.2 billion dollars while Turkey is the 8th with 989 million dollars.

• In the usage of machine tools (local consumption), China is in the first place with 31.7 billion dollars while Turkey is in the 12th place with 1.23 billion dollars.

Aydoğdu commented on the figures: “In the light of this information, it will be useful to share some information about the countries that Turkey does business with in the global market. When we look at the 2014 data, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Japan and China come first in the list of countries Turkey imports from in the machine tools industry. When we look at export, these countries are Russia, America, Germany, Poland and Saudi Arabia respectively. At the first half of 2015 this ranking changed as Taiwan, Germany, Japan, Italy and China for import and as Germany, Saudi Arabia, America, Iran and Poland for export. We see 2016 as a year in which the demand in the machine tools industry will grow due to the developments in the world. MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Fair in October will have a great share in this growth.”

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