Product highlight Trumpf lines up stunning solutions

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais / Ahlam Rais

Trumpf will be displaying some of its most innovative products at the upcoming Blechexpo event in Germany. The TruMark Station 7000 R with TruMark 6030 and the TruLaser Weld 5000 are some of the unique machines that can be witnessed live at the expo.

The TruLaser Weld 5000 is capable of welding deep and firm seams or rounded, smooth seams on a single system.
The TruLaser Weld 5000 is capable of welding deep and firm seams or rounded, smooth seams on a single system.
(Source: Trumpf)

One of the biggest providers of machine tools, Trumpf will actively be participating at Blechexpo, the international trade fair for sheet metal working in Stuttgart, Germany. The company is expected to showcase many innovations at the four-day show including the TruMark Station 7000 R, the TruLaser 3030 fiber with automation, TruConnect, TruLaser Weld 5000, TruBend series 7000, TruTool TSC 100, and a Service App.

TruMark Station 7000 R

The TruMark Station 7000 R is a complete marking system which is equipped with the TruMark 6030 marking laser. The marking system ensures maximum performance and short process times. Ideal for marking large and heavy components as well as a range of arrays in a single operation, the TruMark Station 7000 R assures high quality and is extremely effective in nature.

TruLaser 3030 fiber with automation

The TruLaser 3030 fiber production cell with automation boasts of intelligent assistance systems as well as process stability. The unique solution comprises 8 kW of laser power and with the assistance of its features such as ‘high speed Eco cutting’ procedure and ‘automation’ with short cycle times, one can be assured of producing high quality elements.


In this concept, Trumpf aims to help customers that are keen to transform their existing processes into factories of the future. The firm offers customised solutions through ‘TruConnect’ for players in order to increase their productivity in the background of Industry 4.0. Smart factory consulting is also offered by the company in this zone.

TruLaser Weld 5000

The TruLaser Weld 5000 is a turnkey system that is used for automated laser welding. The system includes a zero-point clamping system, robots, lasers, processing optics, a safety cabin and positioning units. The TruLaser Weld 5000 is capable of welding deep and firm seams or rounded, smooth seams on a single system. In addition to this, FusionLine enables one to reliably connect even components with gaps.

TruBend series 7000

The TruBend series 7000 comprises of the TruBend 7036 and the TruBend 7050. The high-speed bending machines are responsible for processing small parts and with the help of the BendGuard Auto, one is able to carry out the task safely. It is interesting to note that the two TruBend Series 7000 machines are available in different versions with different press forces and bending lengths.

TruTool TSC 100 and Service App

The TruTool TSC 100 is a slat cleaner which enables to eliminate dirt from slats on laser flatbed machines. Apart from this, the Service App helps customers to register their service messages directly to the company’s technical service department around the clock.

These are just some of the many innovations that will be exhibited at the mega trade fair.

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