Turkish Machinery The Turkish Machinery sector continues on course - identify potentials, take chances

Editor: Susanne Hertenberger

Through 2016, the Turkish Machinery export organisation has already successfully represented its 8000+ members from the entire field of machinery sector in various trade fairs.

Turkish Machinery utilised the option of informing a wide audience of the chances and potential of German-Turkish collaboration in the machinery sector, expanding industrial relations and intensifying existing connections and cooperation.
Turkish Machinery utilised the option of informing a wide audience of the chances and potential of German-Turkish collaboration in the machinery sector, expanding industrial relations and intensifying existing connections and cooperation.
(Source: Turkish Machinery)

Thus, it seized the opportunity to inform a broad public about the chances and potentials of German-Turkish collaboration in machine engineering, to expand industry relations and to intensify the existing ties and co-operations.

At the end of the year, Turkish Machinery will present two important and successful sectors of the machinery industry at two trade fairs in Germany.

To begin with, Turkish Machinery will represent its members at K 2016, the leading trade fair for Plastics and Rubber industry in Düsseldorf. Apart from this, more than 100 distinguished Turkish enterprises will present their latest products and technologies. The PAGDER Trade Association, Turkish Plastics Industrialists Association will also inform about the Turkish plastics sector and its member companies with a separate stall in hall 11 / D 25-04.

Immediately thereafter, Turkish Machinery will represent the major sector of sheet metal working at Euroblech in Hannover. Furthermore, more than 90 Turkish enterprises will present the quality and performance level of the industry.


Development of the Turkish machinery sector

With a trading turnover of 2,910 billion USD, the machinery industry has an exceptionally important role to play worldwide. Even in Turkey, the sector is making a substantial contribution to the development of the country.

The machinery industry in Turkey is recording high growth rates for many years. Machine engineering is thus one of the most important industries in the Turkish economy. Despite the global and national developments, machine engineering has shown steady and strong growth in the last decade. Highly competitive and flexible, small and medium-sized enterprises, which form the backbone of the country’s industrial production are the driving force behind this growth.

In the last ten years, the Turkish machinery industry has increased its exports by two and a half times and thus proven its global competitiveness. This process began with the modernisation of the enterprises and continued with increased quality awareness and lean production processes. Nevertheless, Turkey is aware that right now, in a highly modern and technological industry, the requirements are much higher and more demanding than ever.

Objectives of the industry

- Increase in exports, diversification of product groups in the sub-industries, global market leader in selected product groups

- Increase in added-value during production and export

- Increased investments in technologies and new partnerships

- Highly qualified staff

As in the past, these objectives should be achieved together with the international, especially European and German partners and friends, by further promoting and increasing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The Turkish machinery sector has a great potential for German companies as a procurement market, international location and thus for international investments. The Turkish suppliers are internationally competitive especially in the following technologies and material groups: castings, forgings, sheet metal parts, milled parts, turned parts; gear wheels, springs, linings and sealing, special fasteners, plastic injection moulding as well as in manufacturing customised machines.

Even the politicians are aware of the importance of the machinery sector for the Turkish economy and take efforts for securing the past achievements as well as for developing the potential to the targeted funding. The economic plan provides for a quality and export campaign for the coming years, which correlates with the funding of small and medium-sized enterprises und as well as funding of R&D projects. The funding of small and medium-sized enterprises continues to be one of the most important economic objectives of the Turkish government, whereby increase in competitiveness, expansion of export capacities and promotion of internationalisation clearly have priority in the action plans.

German investors as well as exporters can benefit from SME funding. Even German enterprises, which invest in Turkey and have established a company under Turkish law, can make use of the government funding in equal measures as the Turkish enterprises. Besides, the German exporters can benefit from the increasing demand for machines and equipment of the funded companies. The government also supports R&D projects and the co-operation between economy and research facilities.

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Thus, the Turkish machinery sector continues to face the challenges of the present and the future and continues to encounter tasks with result and quality orientation.

The work of Turkish Machinery

“We, as Turkish Machinery, pay particular attention to intensification of the German-Turkish collaboration, generation of co-operation, promotion of technology transfer and common projects in research and development in our wok in Germany” said Ms. Sevda Kayhan-Yilmaz, Member of the Executive Board and German commissary of Turkish Machinery. “We are working intensively for this purpose on the development of relations with the German companies, associations and organisations directly from the field of research.”

Since a long time, Turkish Machinery is already working together with industrial clusters, various organisations and research institutes for intensifying the industrial relations. Furthermore, Turkish Machinery can also support individual interested German companies through German representation. Thus, we can offer extensive support in the following areas:

- Targeted identification of efficient co-operations partners

- Direct access to information for and about the Turkish machine engineering industry

- Assistance in settlement and/or market launch for enterprises with Turkey as the target market

- Provision of latest information and insider know-how

- Active support in sourcing processes/ supplier search in Turkey

For this purpose, various trade fairs, in which Turkish Machinery represents its members, provide the appropriate platform for decision-makers, to get an overview of the opportunities of the Turkish machinery sector and individual issues.