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Author / Editor: Mr. Fa He / Lina Klass

The 30th Chinese machine tool industry development forum 2018 and operating situation seminar taking “Review the history, temper forward, pool strengths, innovate and develop" as the theme, jointly study the macroeconomic and market situation, exchange the experience of development, and discuss the sustainable development of the machine tool industry in the new era.

30th Chinese machine tool industry development forum 2018
30th Chinese machine tool industry development forum 2018
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At present, China has become the world's largest producer, the largest consumer and the largest importer of the machine tool. The machine tool industry is a typical cyclical industry and the development process of ups and downs for decades has worried the industry.

Rising machine tool industry as a catalyst for China's development

Shen Liechu, the Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Machine Building Industry, concluded in his keynote speech: In the process of China's standing up, the machine tool industry has made a due contribution to the development of the national economy with a high sense of responsibility, but there is still a gap on the whole with the international level, especially the CNC system and high-end CNC machine tools cannot be produced. In the age of rich China, the machine tool industry is moving forward with full of ups and downs waves, not only does the volume increase, but the level is also improved.

The gratifying thing is, that the manufacturing enterprises of CNC systems such as central HNC, GSK or Shenyang Machine Tools appeared. Further, the products of High-end CNC Machine Tool Manufacturing companies like Koyo have entered the production of military enterprises, forming a complete industrial chain and technology chain.

Variation is the eternal theme

Fortunately, the market and the operation of the machine tool industry showed a turn round and the stabilized situation, as well as the overall situation is good. According to statistics, in the first three quarters of 2017, China's machine tool industry handed over a rare transcript which has not been seen for many years, and the main income of the industry was RMB 764.1 billion from January to September, up 8.8% over the same period, and the total profit is RMB 48.1 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 22.2%.

The manufacturing industry is the carrier and also the main battlefield of the real economy. Under the backdrop of China's macroeconomic off the reality towards virtuality and global re-industrialization, the difficulty of the machine tool industry is more obvious.

On the forum, Cai Weici fully analyzed the current operation situation of the machinery industry, and pointed out that the machinery industry showed a structural change trend: First, the industrial structure is adjusted to adapt to the consumption and the development of the people's livelihood market. Second, the product structure is developing in the direction of energy saving and emission reduction and high efficiency and high quality. Third, the technical structure is upgraded to the direction of digitization and intelligence.

Imports in the machinery industry are still necessary

Further, he pointed out in particular that the situation of the high end shortage and low end surplus of the machinery industry has not changed fundamentally. On one hand, lack of demand is still the main difficulty. On the other hand, although progress in specializing the high end and making up the short end in recent years, the fact that high-end equipment is too dependent on imports has not changed radically.

At present, the machinery industry still needs to import $300 billion a year, with the deficit of machine tool, instrument and automobile industry is especially outstanding. According to statistics, the import and export trade deficit of the machine tool industry was 2.95 billion USD from January to September in 2017, up 27.7% over the same period. This data also confirms Cai Weici's view from the side.

Cai Weici found in the survey that in the five projects of the "2025 China Manufacturing" deployment, in the process of implementation, there is a phenomenon of "hot" in intelligent manufacturing, "cold" in strong industrial base and "hard" in construction of innovation center. In the process of upgrading and strengthening the machinery industry to the high end, the weak innovation ability and weak foundation are still the main constraints.

However, he also pleased to point out that the new format and new mode of mechanical industry is germinating: First, the digital, network and intelligent industries are heating up. Second, the service-oriented manufacturing is rising from selling products to selling services. Liang Feng, President of China National Machine Tool Corporation (CNMTC), also pointed out that China's machine tool industry is showing the trend of development of precision high-speed, intelligent manufacturing, flexible integration, large-scale composite, green energy saving and overall solution, thus forming a new supply and demand mode.

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