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The rise of cobots!

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Collaborative robots play an important role in the European automotive industry. The European cobots market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 50.02 % from 2018 –2026, states a market research report by Inkwood Research. It further reports that high investments for research and development as well as strong government support for new age concepts like Industry 4.0 are leading to the growth of cobots in the region. The European market is also a hub for many of the major cobot manufacturers such as KUKA, ABB, Epson, Rethink Robotics, etc.

The current global market for collaborative robots is still in its infancy, states IFR in its positioning paper. This is due to the fact that end-users and system integrators are still trying to figure out what works and does not work in the design and implementation of collaborative applications.

The way ahead...

With new technological concepts such as Industry 4.0, IOT (Internet Of Things) and machine learning gaining ground, the future of cobots looks quite impressive. Buell elaborates, “Collaborative robots are poised to be a valuable asset to Industry 4.0 and IOT as long as they are equipped with the underlying systems to be able to communicate and provide relevant information related to the data tracking trends and requirements.”

Ramamurthy adds, “As technology advances, cobots can be expected to participate in more crucial activities and take on more proactive roles due to their ability to sense. Advanced analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning will allow cobots to arrive at programmed actions based on the intelligence they discover. However, instead of thinking for humans, these robots will take on partnering roles in factories.”

Cobots are not only being used by large scale companies but medium and small scale firms as well as it occupies less space and is quick and flexible to use on the shop floor. As technology advances, the number of cobots installed in a factory is also bound to rise.

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