CERATIZIT Logistics Service The right product, at the right place, at the right time. Worldwide.

Author / Editor: Marta Cwilichowska / Lisa Saller, Lisa Saller

Professional solutions require professional logistics: customers of Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT benefit from the Central Distribution Centre in Kempten (Germany). It sets high standards in reliability and speed worldwide, and guarantees excellent customer service at minimal costs.

The CERATIZIT logistics centre in Kempten
The CERATIZIT logistics centre in Kempten
(Photo: Ceratizit)

The top-class brand Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT offers their customers a comprehensive range of premium standard products for the cutting tools sector and, as a creative partner, develops industry-specific applications and individual solutions in consultation with you. The logistics experts at the Central Distribution Centre in Kempten (Germany) are taking the lead in seeing to it that the right products arrive at the customer at the right time and in a reliable fashion across the globe. From here, end customers in Europe as well as regional warehouses worldwide receive the required goods within one to two days.

Exemplary standard: Central Distribution Centre in Kempten

More than 65,000 articles are immediately available in stock, including the standard products from Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT. Additionally, customised special products produced at the nearby site in Reutte, Austria are dispatched from this central warehouse. Over 3,000 packages are sent out on their way daily in Kempten. Thanks to the highly modern and automated stock management facility, each instance of processing lasts only about three minutes from incoming order to ready-for-transport packaging. Every order that comes in by 6:30 PM will be sent out on the same day and arrive within one to two days in Germany and in neighbouring countries. In order to ensure that the right product arrives at the customer at the right time, the logistics experts in Kempten have implemented modern software and are working closely together with the most reliable transport service providers in the industry.

Multiple sites, uniform processes

As an internationally active company currently with 24 production sites worldwide, CERATIZIT benefits from a standardisation of processes also in the logistics sector. "The best logistics service for our customers means minimal costs and absolute reliability. For us, it means that the processes of our supply chain are continuously optimised and standardised," explains Simon Jost, Managing Director CERATIZIT Logistik GmbH. He is responsible for the reorganisation of CERATIZIT GROUP Logistics, the implementation of which began in 2014. Since then, the same standardised warehouse processes that have proved to be a success in Kempten are being established step by step across the globe. Today, everyone is working with a modern administration system in SAP. The sole difference: so far, withdrawals from path-optimised storage in the regional warehouses have been done by hand, and not in an automated fashion as is the case in Kempten. In addition to warehouses near Detroit in the US State of Michigan, Uluberia near Calcutta (India) and in the Chinese city of Tianjin, further warehouses are currently in planning. For the customer, an optimal delivery service with minimal costs is and shall remain the decisive factor. The Central Distribution Centre in Kempten ensures that Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT earns high marks in providing fast and notable on-time delivery everywhere and at any time.