Mapal The perfect surface with the Fly Cutter

Editor: Lisa Saller, Lisa Saller

With the FlyCutter, Mapal has brought a milling tool for finish-machining aluminium housings, for example for the two-wheel industry, onto the market. Above all the low tool weight of less than three kilograms and the machined mirror-smooth surface were the main criteria for the development of the tool.

With the FlyCutter, Mapal has developed a milling tool that is precisely matched to these requirements.
With the FlyCutter, Mapal has developed a milling tool that is precisely matched to these requirements.
(Photo: Mapal)

In the Asian region, there are numerous small machine tools for the manufacture of aluminium housings. These small machines have very precise spindles that transfer a high speed of up to 33,000 rpm. However these machines are not designed for high torques. Nevertheless the requirements for the machines and tools are high. The highest quality standards are the basis for machining.

High requirements for tool and machine

As the milling process takes place at the end of the machining chain, a high quality surface finish is required. Roughness values smaller than Ra=0.4 μm and a maximum flatness of 0.4 mm must be reliably established. An optimum removal of chips must be ensured so that the surface cannot be scratched during machining. The tool weight also plays a decisive role: The small spindles mostly have a maximum tool weight allowance of three kilograms.

Finely balanced components for high radial run-out accuracy

With the FlyCutter, Mapal has developed a milling tool that is precisely matched to these requirements. Standardised and proven technologies are used for the milling cutter. Due to the weight, the milling head is made of aluminium with compact contours. Nevertheless the system has excellent strength values even for large diameters. Together with the appropriate milling cutter arbor for BT and HSK connections, the milling head forms one unit. All components are finely balanced. The milling head has an additional balance plane to balance the complete system precisely. As a result of the smooth outer contour, low noise is guaranteed. The milling cutter clamping screw used is also designed for the inner coolant supply. As a result it is ensured that the chips are flushed radially outwards and away from the machined surface.

A range of different milling heads with diameters from 80 to 160 mm can be mounted on the same milling cutter arbor to match the part size. The lowest possible weight of the complete system is also crucial for this. An example: The FlyCutter with a diameter of 140 millimetres together with a milling cutter arbor BT30 weighs only 1.5 kilograms.

Best surfaces for optimum removal of chips

In practice the FlyCutter with PCD milling inserts finishes the best surfaces. Proven Mapal technologies that have been employed many times in practice are used for the milling inserts. The selection of the PCD milling cartridges is dependent on the part or the surface to be produced. Shoulder, face and wide face milling inserts are offered.

The sensitive wedge adjustment for the milling inserts enable μ-precise adjustment of the milling inserts. The dovetail guide and an additional worm screw ensure simple handling for the perfect seating and accuracy of repetition for the assembly of the milling inserts. A flat-head screw is used for attachment, a proven method that sustains the highest speeds effortlessly. Changing the inserts is simple. Due to the special highly positive cutting geometry, the part is machined without any stress whatsoever; as a result no stresses are produced in the part and deformation of the part is also prevented.