Market Perspective The Netherlands: TCI Global Conference 2016

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

The TCI Global Conference will witness a number of inspirational world-renowned speakers who will contribute to this year´s theme of ‘Global Changes - challenges for innovation clusters’. Brainport Development and Wageningen UR are co-organizing the three-day program for the TCI Global Conference from November 8–10, 2016 in the Netherlands.

Sherry Contu is one of the speakers at the Summit Day at this year’s TCI Global Conference.
Sherry Contu is one of the speakers at the Summit Day at this year’s TCI Global Conference.
(Photo: TCI Global Conference)

The theme ‘Global Changes’ reflects the globalization, digitization and demographic shift to cities and a greater focus on societal values happening throughout the world. The conference will shed light on the grand challenges generated by this theme and translate these challenges into concrete actions. Several prominent and exciting speakers have already committed to the Summit day.

Sherry Coutu is coming over from the United Kingdom, and will deliver a talk on how to scale up businesses and accelerate growth. She is an angel investor and serves on the boards of companies, charities and universities. As an entrepreneur, Coutu has established and has successfully sold two businesses in the financial services industry. She has extensive experience in serving companies from the fast growth private early stage to public companies and boards with turnover of more than 1 bn. USD Dominique Foray is seen as one of the ‘fathers’ of the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3), Europe’s perspective on assessing the strengths of regions. Foray is presently a full time professor at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and holds the Chair of Economics and Management of Innovation (CEMI). He will bring his academic view on policy making with S3 to the conference.

Many interesting speeches on global changes at the event

Ron Boschma, also an academic in both Utrecht, the Netherlands, and Lund in Sweden, is well known for his work on evolutionary economic geography in all its aspects. His work on the related and unrelated variety as determining elements in understanding the economic dynamics and structure of regions, opens new possibilities for stimulating growth. He will discuss how this can lead to new instruments for stimulating regional growth and resilience.

Mukesh Gulati is the executive director of the Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC) in India, headquartered in New Delhi. He brings in-depth knowledge and experience on cluster-based development of micro, small and medium sized enterprises in India to the conference. He will talk about the strength of more than 90 per cent of the enterprises in India, a large part of the Indian economy.

Claire Ruskin is Chief Executive of Cambridge Network Ltd. Ruskin has played an active part in the successful economic growth of Cambridge UK where she is based. The ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’ has seen high value growth in hi-tech and bio-tech. She is Chief Executive of Cambridge Network Ltd and also a partner in PA Consulting Group. Ruskin has been a leader in the ‘innovation on demand’ which has played a significant part in the ecosystem for innovation in Cambridge. Apart from these, there will be many more speakers at the event that will leave the audience spell bound.