Product innovations The Hoffman Group presents the rolling cabinet

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais / Ahlam Rais

At the upcoming MSV trade fair, the Hoffman Group has plans to showcase the Garant ToolCar, a rolling cabinet used to place heavy tools for workers on the shop floor. Some unique features of the cabinet make it a ‘must have’ for all your factory operations.

Comprising of drawers and a side compartment, the Garant ToolCar cabinet comes equipped with a central locking system.
Comprising of drawers and a side compartment, the Garant ToolCar cabinet comes equipped with a central locking system.
(Source: The Hoffman Group)

The Hoffman Group has its headquarters in Germany and is known for supplying quality machine tools to customers around the world. This year, the company is celebrating its century as it has completed 100 years of offering quality machine tools to the industry since 1919. In order to survive for this long, the Hoffman Group has continuously re-invented itself according to the latest trends in the industry and this is what makes the Group standout. Over the years, the company has also added many products to its portfolio.

Some of the most recent innovations of the company can be found at industry exhibitions such as MSV which is scheduled to be held in October. At the trade fair, the firm will be displaying one of its prominent solutions – the Garant ToolCar.

The rolling cabinet

The Garant ToolCar is a moving cabinet that can be used to place tools. Comprising of drawers and a side compartment, the cabinet also comes equipped with a central locking system. The drawers are fully extendable which enables workers to remove tools from the drawers. Depending on its usage, managers can even opt for self-closing or damping drawers.

Perforated side panel

The rolling cabinet is convenient to use at all times and an interesting feature of this product is that the side compartment includes a Garant perforated panel. This panel proves beneficial for attaching Garant Easyfix holders and hooks of the tool holder. The side compartment is also capable of housing a Schuko socket for power chargers, power tools or optional lighting.

Anti-tilt feature

Tools are heavy and hence, the rolling cabinet comprises a central release which is supported by an anti-tilt device in the handle. This feature assists one to easily open the drawers without much difficulty and at the same time also prevents the car from tipping over when several drawers are opened together. The Garant ToolCar is also equipped with an ergonomically designed push handle which makes it easier for workers to move it around even under extreme conditions. Apart from this, the wheels of the cabinet have a larger diameter as compared to its previous model. The rolling cabinet has also been felicitated with diverse awards such as the internationally renowned iF Design Award and the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Apart from the Garant ToolCar, the Hoffman Group will be displaying many other interesting solutions at the engineering trade fair in Czech Republic. Hence, if you are keen on seeing some stunning innovations, the MSV show is the place to visit!

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