Control 2018 The Control trade show grows along with the world of quality assurance

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Control trade show will be held in Stuttgart this April. The trade show for quality assurance is profiting from the rising interest in measuring technology. Besides the latest innovations and products for quality control, the trade show also offers a supplementary programme with talks and presentations.

The interest in quality assurance is rising – and so is the interest in Control 2018.
The interest in quality assurance is rising – and so is the interest in Control 2018.
(Source: P.E. Schall)

Control will be held from 24 to 27 April 2018. According to the organiser, P.E. Schall, the trade show has recorded a growth in booked floor space. Consequently, an additional hall has been added to the floor plan this year. According to the organisers, the trade show is growing parallel to the increase in revenues generated with quality assurance technology.

Image processing is one particular sector that is showing growing demand. Sales figures in the image processing industry went through the roof in 2017. Compared to the previous year, there has been an increase of 18 percent. Double-digit growth is being forecast once again for this year. The reason for the increasing popularity of this key technology is its ability to integrate visual processes into any production sequence in an uncomplicated manner. Quality assurance processes with image processing support high-tech companies in analysing their manufacturing processes. At the same time, industrial image processing is penetrating new applications to an ever greater extent. A further growth driver, according to the VDMA, is digitalisation. The companies exhibiting at the leading trade fair for quality assurance would surely make even more ambitious claims: Comprehensive process automation would not be possible at all without fully integrated, digital quality assurance solutions. At the same time, inline quality assurance and embedded vision are dramatically advancing the quality of components, modules, medical devices and motor vehicles.

According to its organisers, Control is unique thanks to its global offer spectrum, covering components, modules, subsystems and complete solutions for quality assurance. Booming segments such as computer-aided systems and optoelectronic sensor technology will be on hand as well, presenting various practical applications. Many manufacturers and suppliers plan to unveil their world firsts to the expert audience at the event.

Interest in the trade show for quality assurance is increasing to the same extent as revenues generated with quality assurance technology, P.E. Schall states. The trade fair reportedly has been boosting its visitor numbers for years. Consequently, project manager Fabian Krüger added Exhibition Hall 8 to the floor plan, making more than 645,000 square feet of floor space available for this year's trade fair.

This article was first published on ETMM online.