Rittal The cockpit for energy savers

Editor: Lisa Saller, Lisa Saller

Enclosure climate control generates high energy costs. Moreover, the longer a climate control unit is in service, the higher its operating costs. Operators who want to know whether buying the latest products is worthwhile can now turn to the energy-efficiency and TCO calculator from Rittal.

Climate diagram in line with the selected climate zone and SEER.
Climate diagram in line with the selected climate zone and SEER.
(Photo: Rittal)

In just four steps, the online tool sets out the potential energy savings quickly, conveniently and totally free of charge.

The tool offers mechanical engineers, control system and switchgear engineers and end-users much more transparency when selecting the ideal cooling units. In the first three steps, the tool quickly lists and displays the energy use costs of all types of cooling units. It also sets out the potential cost savings that can be achieved by using the new Blue e+ cooling units from Rittal. In the fourth step, total cost of ownership (TCO) is calculated to show the overall operating costs and how long it will take for the investment to pay for itself.

Four steps to get even cooler

In the first step, users start by calculating a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), which describes how energy efficient the cooling system is over the entire year. To do this, they select the geographical operating conditions that apply to their cooling units, either by using the international temperature profiles stored in the system or by entering their own parameters to create a custom profile.

Step two involves specifying certain characteristics of the cooling unit currently in use. That includes the model currently installed (roof-mounted, wall-mounted), operating times (one, two or three-shift operation, five, six, or seven-day week), the current electricity price per kWh and the number of units. Just one click later, in step three, users get an overview of the savings they could make. Bar charts in the overview enable users to see at a glance how much they can save on energy costs by using the efficient cooling units of the Blue e+ and Blue e generations instead of older models. What’s more, they can also compare Rittal cooling units with the solutions they are currently using. By adjusting the number of units, the calculation can be extended to an entire production system, so that both overall energy costs and absolute potential savings can be displayed.

If they wish, users can carry out a detailed calculation of their own operating costs in step four, based on their energy costs. TCO sets out the basis for an accurate payback calculation that factors in electricity costs as well as the purchase price, and installation and maintenance costs associated with new cooling units. As with the efficiency calculator, users can again choose between pre-selected, standardised values and personalised parameters.

With just one click, they can then generate a PDF file that contains all the information and sets out the ideal basis for decisions in black and white. The first positive feedback from customers has confirmed how user friendly the tool is.