Taiwan: Trapped between low cost and high tech

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Chipping accounts for the greatest share in foreign trade of machines of Taiwan

Though the industry of the island continued to develop at the border of two climate zones in the past 60 years, nevertheless the nearness to Mainland continued to be more of a problem in the past years. Example – machine tools: Taiwan sells machines worth almost 4 billion dollars in a year.

Numbers of the finance ministry for 2014 show that, with over 3 billion dollar, chipping machines account for the greatest share. Press equipment worth about 638 million dollars were sold and machine tool components for about 1.3 billion dollars as well as rolling machines with an export value of 812 million dollars were sold.

The USA, Turkey, Thailand and Germany come directly after China. These are then followed by Netherlands, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and India. According to the analysts, the greatest growth was recorded in Netherlands and Turkey.

Wayne Hsueh, Director in Victor Taichung Machinery and responsible for a part of the sales team worldwide, confirms: “The business with the Turks is going great. Here we encounter people who negotiate predictably and reasonably and wish to invest in our technology.”

Nevertheless, the absolute value of trade with Turkey accounting for a share of 5.6 % is relatively still low; however, it is 4.5 % with Thailand, which is a much more easily accessible region. In this series, you can also read, with what measures various Taiwanese companies are changing the tack.

The MM series shines a light in March on Taiwan as a machine tool producer, high-tech site and prolonged workbench.

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