Precision Tools Switzerland: The evolution in fine boring

Editor: Susanne Hertenberger

The new digital boring head with wireless radio connection of the Swiss company, Big Kaiser, is the answer to the increasing demand for smart precision tools.

The data and settings are clear for the operator and displayed in real time on the App.
The data and settings are clear for the operator and displayed in real time on the App.
(Source: Big Kaiser)

Digitalisation makes mechanical products still better. It brings differentiation features with it, which are not visible at the first glance in the product. The manufacturer's page also shows that it is extraordinarily difficult to mechanically improve existing products. Electronic components, which are becoming increasingly smaller and more efficient at the same time, therefore make sense. So in the future, it is going to be more difficult for decision-makers and operators to closely deal with the new products – because most of the familiar products hide entirely new options.

Such a product is the new digital boring head EWD EVO by Big Kaiser, which has been completely reworked and has come up with a new design as well as numerous additional features. So, for example, with a wireless radio connection to the smartphone or tablet. Thus, it ensures increased user-friendliness in setting the diameter, automatic selection of matching cutting data and automatic data archiving. These factors are of vital importance especially in case of boring, a technically challenging operation, and are not often easy to determine.


Flexible thanks to in-house electronics development

The electronics of the EWD EVO was developed by Big Kaiser in the in-house electronics laboratory. Meanwhile, the company in Switzerland is also busy with an in-house electronics department with electronics engineers and technicians. The electronic circuit in the boring head is built with a AMR magnetic sensor, with which exact motion and position of the head are recorded. Calibration and software updates can be carried out on site in the device itself – it thus saves on time-consuming entry.

Energy conservation was a primary topic during development. That is also one of the reasons why one has decided for the Piezo technology, although this brought with it a significantly greater development expense. Though the higher investment has advantages for the customer – the battery life of the new EWD EVO lasts for 6000 adjustment cycles. When one has to change the battery, a customary 3-Volt-button cell is sufficient.

The positioning of the switch directly on the battery saves on wiring and makes battery change easy, as it is not necessary to access the rear side of the tool. According to the rough production conditions, the robust Piezo technology ensures highest reliability. Moreover, the new boring heads are sealed as per the highest possible protection class IP69K. An energy sparing Wireless-Controller-Chip sends the wireless signals via a HF-Antenna to the Smartphone or the Tablet. To ensure good signal transmission over up to 10 metres, the antenna transmits the signals directly from the basic body with patented technology.

Winner of the Prodex-Awards 2016

EWD EVO was first presented at Prodex 2016 to a large number of trade visitors and was immediately distinguished with the prize of the Prodex-Awards, the most important industry prize of Switzerland. The impetus for this also came from the App developed specifically for the EWD EVO. It simplifies the mounting and operating of boring tools and provides comprehensive and precise cutting data. Moreover, it supports the operator in fine-tuning the optimal cut parameters. Big Kaiser has placed a lot of importance to as intuitive an operation of the App as possible and so it has turned out to be unbelievably easy: Select the tool, enter the value, calculate cutting data, program machine, make the measuring hole and finally, adjust the tool to the finished dimension.

Workshops, who want to get into smart manufacturing or Industry 4.0, will appreciate the function of data storage. The App offers the biggest advantage that data, parameters and settings for machines and tool are available at all times and can be monitored remotely. All the settings configured for each tool can be saved for later use on the App. The data saved can be read and processed further if required. Clearly arranged data about all actual settings and adjustments made are likely to offer valuable insights for future planning.

All available accessories like boring bars or insert holders for older boring heads by Big Kaiser are also compatible with the new EWD EVO, to keep the incidental investments for existing customers as less as possible. The new EWD EVO is produced in different variations for the diameter range of 0.4 to 3000 mm and is available from the EMO 2017 in all sizes.

More information: Big Kaiser Präzisionswerkzeuge AG, CH-8153 Rümlang,