Global Innovation Index 2016 Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world

Editor: Susanne Reinshagen

Switzerland is again leading the Global Innovation Index (GII). For the 6thtime in a row it has occupied the top spot. Thus, it belongs to the few countries that connect technological solutions optimally with business opportunities.

Switzerland takes the top spot for the sixth time in the Global Innovation Index (GII)
Switzerland takes the top spot for the sixth time in the Global Innovation Index (GII)
(Bild: GII)

In the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2016 Switzerland is the uncontested front runner for the sixth year in a row. The index published jointly by the World Intellectual Property Organization (Wipo), Insead and the Cornell University analysed 128 countries based on 82 indicators that try to measure not only the input required for innovations (for instance funds and personnel) but also the output obtained with it (concrete,new creations).


Europeans are dominating the Global Innovation Index 2016

Evidently, Europeans are still leading in terms of innovation because 15 of the 25 most innovative countries are in Europe. The two Non-Euro-countries Sweden and Great Britain ranked after Switzerland, followed by USA as the first country outside Europe. Likewise Finland, (5th), Ireland (7th), Denmark (8th), Netherlands (9th) and Germany (10th) are all in the Top 10. In all evaluation criteria other than infrastructure, Switzerland is among the top ten. Additionally, Switzerland has the highest efficiency, which means, it is able to implement innovations optimally in business opportunities.

However, Switzerland should not relax after these results because innovation is migrating slowly towards East. The working benches built at one time in Asia are transforming more and more into think tanks. For example, China ranked among the best 25 countries as a country with medium income and also India jumped from 81stto the 66thplace.

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