2017 SMM Congress

Swissness and Swiss virtues

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Entire value chain in focus

GF Machining Solutions offers a single technology portfolio: in addition to the processing technologies of milling and erosion and the automation, the company has invested in new technologies, such as laser processing and additive manufacturing. The company’s goal is to integrate the new technologies in manufacturing processes so that traditional methods can be replaced with in-house solutions rather than external ones.

Stefan Dahl, manager of Business Unit New Technologies, emphasizes that the entire value chain process must be considered, because the new technologies offer the possibility of omitting entire process steps.


Customer loyalty, perseverance and market demands

The Kistler Group has developed from small sensor manufacturer to a system provider. The company achieves growth through innovation. CEO Rolf Sonderegger emphasises that with system solutions a much greater customer loyalty can be reached than only with the distribution of individual components.

Burckhardt Compression, manufacturer of piston compressors, can look back on a long company history of 173 years. The president of the board of management, Valentin Vogt, underlines the meaning of developing a unique USP (unique selling point) company culture and pursuing the company's long-term and persistent strategy.

Paul Horn GmbH was the only non-Swiss company to be represented. Managing Director Lothar Horn emphasizes the importance of designing product developments and the expansion of the product portfolio strictly according to market requirements. New products must imperatively be better than their precursor model.

Costs decrease with Lean Management

A means to sustainably decrease the cost structures is consistent Lean Management, as Julian Mundl, project manager and senior consultant at Noventa Consulting AG, emphasizes. The Formula 1 pit stop is an impressive example: in 1974, these lasted over 40 seconds, today they are only 1.94 seconds.

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