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Stable Development in Uncertain Market Conditions

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German Medical Technology Industry is fundamentally optimistic for the next Year

As the Federation goes on to say, the predicted turnover plus resulted from equally vigorous growth on both domestic and foreign markets. Accordingly, the value of domestic turnover for the whole of 2015 will be 8.67 billion euros, the foreign turnover will reach 18.30 billion euros. This works out at an almost unchanged export quota of close to 68 %.

For 2016, according to Spectaris, firms remain fundamentally optimistic despite existing uncertainty. In total, growth in turnover is expected, although probably somewhat weaker than in 2015. Growth is anti­cipated in foreign markets in particular. Despite a possible slowing down of market development in China, prospects in Asia continue to be assessed as fundamentally positive. In the North American market, too, growth is again expected. On the whole, however, certification hurdles will increasingly inhibit international business, Spectaris adds.

The figures from the area Measurement and Testing Technology are also positive. The VDMA specialist group Image Processing thus expects growth in turnover of around 11 % for 2015.

“The European industrial image processing sector is breaking all records. According to a current VDMA market survey, the turnover in the sector grew by 16 % in 2014. For 2015, the firms surveyed anticipate further growth of 11 %,” as Olaf Munkelt, chairman of the VDMA specialist group Industrial Image Processing, reports. MM