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Sigma Labs introduces PrintRite3D 4.0

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A screenshot of PrintRite3D Inspect in action.
A screenshot of PrintRite3D Inspect in action. (Source: Sigma Labs)

The company will be launching its PrintRite3D 4.0 product suite at Formnext 2018. The product suite comprises of the PrintRite3D Sensorpak 4.0 hardware and the PrintRite3D Inspect 4.0 software. With this display, Sigma Labs plans to demonstrate the transformation of moving from prototypes to industrialised manufacturing.

The software company Sigma Labs is known for creating real-time computer aided inspection (CAI) solutions most commonly referred to as PrintRite3D. Established in 2010, the firm has earned a strong reputation for itself in a short period of time by gaining heavy business deals from the aerospace and defense community. Claimed to be one of the leaders in the additive manufacturing market for real-time CAI solutions, the company will be revealing its latest innovation to industry leaders at the upcoming Formnext show in Germany. Formnext is a paradise for global players in the additive manufacturing sector and the ‘go to’ event for leaders keen to explore the 3D printing space.

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PrintRite3D Sensorpak 4.0 hardware

Sigma Labs will be launching the latest configuration of its PrintRite3D quality control solution at the global trade fair, the PrintRite3D 4.0. This includes the PrintRite3D Sensorpak 4.0 hardware along with the PrintRite3D Inspect 4.0 software. It is interesting to note that there are no sensors within the build chamber of the PrintRite3D Sensorpak 4.0 hardware and that all sensors are coaxial to the laser optics. With this setup, one does not have to worry about over gas flow disruptions or space limitations inside the build chamber. Also, the specialised hardware comprises a new client-server which assists multiple machines to be connected to the system as clients, hence enabling one server to run multiple machines. The PrintRite3D Sensorpak 4.0 hardware also offers upgraded data acquisition and data processing hardware. This helps in providing faster processing of data. Also, the results are displayed in real-time during the build. The hardware is also convenient for small setups as it does not require a large footprint.

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PrintRite3D Inspect 4.0 software

The company’s PrintRite3D Inspect 4.0 software is capable of melt pool spectral data evaluation. Sigma Labs has also developed a physics-based methodology for characterising and analysing spectral data and optimising optics hardware and sensors to monitor spectral regions of interest and validate thermal signatures of interest. New features allowing the measurement and reporting of melt pool relative temperature as well as Thermal Energy Planck (TEP) in-process quality metric are used for thermal signature identification. This is a new benefit for customers who want to identify thermal signatures of process anomalies as well as their coordinate locations.

Also, with its IPQA technology, the company is looking to change the dynamics of the industry. The advantages of the firm’s latest PrintRite3D 4.0 suite of products include increasing the production yield of 3D metal manufactured parts as well as shortening the time to market. These crucial factors prove beneficial to OEMs as well as manufacturers.

At the Formnext trade fair, Sigma Labs will also showcase its contribution towards bringing the industry from prototype to industrialised manufacturing. If you are visiting the trade show, you can visit the Sigma Labs’ booth at 3.0-H77.

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