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Additive manufacturing
Discover 3D printing like never before!
The Formnext trade fair has organised an exceptional session titled ‘Discover 3D printing’ for industry leaders who are curious to know more about the additive manufacturing technology in relation to their respective sectors. To be held on all four days of the show, the programme will be hosted by experts from the Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing (ACAM). more
Event spotlight
Renishaw to make strong presence at Formnext 2018
The UK-based company will be showcasing its most recent additive manufacturing system – the RenAM 500Q at the exhibition. In addition to this, Marc Saunders, Director of Global Solutions Centres, Renishaw will also be making a presentation at the show’s ‘TCT introducing’ stage. more
Event highlight
Clariant shows off its industrial 3D printing materials
The company will be exhibiting its range of innovations at the Formnext international exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. A technical presentation will also be conducted by Clariant’s Joanna Marguier, Senior Manager of R&D, 3D printing business. The session will highlight the firm’s success with flame retardants. more
Event highlight
Additive Manufacturing Technologies to showcase PostPro3D solution
Additive Manufacturing Technologies’ (AMT) PostPro3D solution is claimed to be one of the most ideal post processing solutions for part surface finishing of polymer 3D parts. Owing to the numerous benefits of this technology, high volume production of products related to the medical, automobile and aerospace industry also becomes possible. The company will also be making a major announcement at the Formnext trade fair. more
Event highlight
EOS to exhibit the M 300 series at Formnext 2018
The EOS M 300 series offers digital additive manufacturing for the industrial production of high-quality metal parts. In addition to this, the firm will be showcasing a range of its latest cutting-edge solutions at the Frankfurt-based trade fair formnext. more
Event focus
Witness superior presentations @TCT conference
The TCT Conference is one of the most awaited sessions at the Formnext trade fair. It is here that industry players get a 360 degree view of the revolutionary additive manufacturing technology. more
Additive manufacturing
Sigma Labs introduces PrintRite3D 4.0
The company will be launching its PrintRite3D 4.0 product suite at Formnext 2018. The product suite comprises of the PrintRite3D Sensorpak 4.0 hardware and the PrintRite3D Inspect 4.0 software. With this display, Sigma Labs plans to demonstrate the transformation of moving from prototypes to industrialised manufacturing. more
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