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Service robots in the form of robot police officers are capable of carrying out repetitive and tedious tasks which allows the police department to focus on more important issues such as investigating a crime or arresting the culprits.

With an aim to support the police force, innovators are developing AI-based service robots significantly.
With an aim to support the police force, innovators are developing AI-based service robots significantly.
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Maintaining law and order is very crucial for the development and progress of a country. The police workforce has many responsibilities on its shoulders to ensure that its citizens are safe from any harm. With an aim to support the police, innovators are developing AI-based service robots significantly. The new age ‘robo-cops’ are equipped with the latest technology and sensors to ensure that it carries out its services without any error or fault.

Dubai robot police officer

In 2017, the Dubai Police revealed the city’s maiden robot police officer which was created by Pal Robotics. The service robot was immediately delegated the duty to patrol the city's malls and tourist attractions. On seeing the robo-officer, people can walk upto it and report their crimes, pay fines and even get information about the city by touching the screen embedded in its chest. By introducing more of these service robots, the Dubai Government plans to relocate its officers to places where they are most required.

Offering police services 24*7 to the general public, the robot officer also boasts of broadcasting live visuals to the city’s command and control centre in case of an emergence situation. Currently, the robot police officer can converse only in two languages – Arabic and English. However, other languages such as Russian, Chinese, French and Spanish are expected to be added soon.

HP robo-cop

With an aim to offer additional safety measures for the public, the California Police in the USA welcomed its new member to its team – the HP RoboCop. The service robot is in charge of patrolling public areas where the police may find it difficult to monitor. HP RoboCop makes use of microphones to deter criminal activity and comes equipped with a 360-degree HD video. It can also provide useful information to the police department which will enable to reduce crimes and act as leads for further investigation.


This year, India introduced its first robot police officer KP-Bot which is a woman. At present, the robot holds the post of a sub-inspector and can be found at the front desk of Thiruvananthapuram police headquarters in Kerala. Responsible for recording complaints and directing visitors to the correct department, the service robot is also capable of saluting to higher-ranked officers. There are also potential plans to upgrade the service robot with the ability to detect bombs along with a facial recognition software.

Apart from these three police robots, there are many other robots that are striving to make this world a better place for all of us.

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