Hannover Messe 2019 Sensor monitors vibration and temperature: “Health Check” for mounted bearings

Editor: Theresa Knell

For condition monitoring, ABB presents the ABB Ability Smart Sensor for mounted bearings. It analyses the “health status” of bearings to prevent undesired outages.

For mounted bearings, ABB has developed a further variant of the ABB Ability Smart Sensor. The thumb-sized sensor measures temperature and vibration.
For mounted bearings, ABB has developed a further variant of the ABB Ability Smart Sensor. The thumb-sized sensor measures temperature and vibration.
(Source: ABB)

As part of its portfolio for condition monitoring in the power chain, ABB is bringing the Dodge brand ABB Ability Smart Sensor for mounted bearings onto the market. On the basis of vibration and temperature data, the sensor analyses the condition of the bearing, thus providing early warning of possible problems. This is intended to avoid downtimes in such applications as bulk material conveying installations.

Avoiding unexpected downtimes

Around 80 % of bearing downtimes are due to lubrication, and a bearing “running hot” can indicate inadequate lubrication. Since ABB has for some years now included mounted bearings in its portfolio since taking over Baldor, they were able to benefit from their own expertise and develop analytical algorithms. These enable using the monitoring of bearing vibration and temperature to point to possible problems in the installation.

Bearings are critical components in conveying installations and often the first indicator of problems. Displaying bearing condition enables personnel to make a fast and secure identification of potential problems, so maintenance can be planned and an unexpected downtime avoided.

The Smart Sensor for mounted bearings is primarily distinguished from previous Smart Sensors by its size. According to Spoorendonk, it is only as broad as a thumb and thus fits onto even small mounted bearings. This meant that the components used, such as circuit boards or batteries, likewise had to “shrink”. An on-board memory for data for 30 days is integrated, as is a module for wireless communication. The sensor is constructed to IP66 and suitable for explosion-hazard environments.

Sensor for mounted bearings from all manufacturers

The Smart Sensor can be put into service with all mounted bearings and is easy to fit. New Dodge bearings have a pre-tapped thread into which the sensor can be screwed. With other mounted bearings, the sensor can be attached to the opening for the grease nipple using an adapter. Communication is wireless and accessible via smart phone or Bluetooth gateway. This is intended to simplify access to data from bearings which are difficult or dangerous to reach. The ABB Ability Smart Sensor for mounted bearings has been available in Europe since the middle of February.

Visit ABB Automation Products GmbH at Hannover Messe in Hall 11, Booth A35.

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