Product spotlight SCHUNK’s total tooling programme

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais / Ahlam Rais

SCHUNK showcased specialised toolholders at Moulding Expo 2019. The technical aspects of three toolholders including the Tendo Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder, Tribos Polygonal Toolholder and the Sino-R Expansion Toolholder have been elaborated below.

At Moulding Expo, SCHUNK showcased the total tooling programme to the global tool and mould making industry.
At Moulding Expo, SCHUNK showcased the total tooling programme to the global tool and mould making industry.
(Source: SCHUNK)

SCHUNK is known for its toolholding, workholding and automation solutions. The German-based global company was recently spotted at Moulding Expo, the international trade fair for tools, pattern and mould making in Germany. At the show, like many of the exhibitors, the firm also showcased its innovative solutions—the SCHUNK total tooling programme—to the global tool and mould making industry. The total tooling programme comprises of diverse toolholders including the Tendo Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder, Tribos Polygonal Toolholder, Sino-R Expansion Toolholder, Celsio heat shrinking toolholder, Mechanical toolholders, and so on.

Tendo Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder

The Tendo toolholder proves beneficial for highly precise shank tool clamping. Ideal for all common shank types, the Tendo range comprises of diverse products for different applications such as Tendo Platinum, Tendo E compact, Tendo Slim 4ax, Tendo Zero, Tendo ES, Tendo LSS, etc. The Tendo toolholder can be used for short or long, thick, slim and interfering contours for milling, tool grinding or turning machines. With a repeat accuracy of < 0.003 mma, the toolholder offers excellent vibration damping and can also be set up in no time. Tendo offers upto 25,000 rpm.

Tribos Polygonal Toolholder

Highly precise micromachining and large volume cutting is made possible with the Tribos Polygonal Toolholder. Equipped with concentricity properties of < 0.003 mm, the Tribos toolholder offers the best surface qualities and also ensures a longer service life. Its unique symmetric design and honeycomb structure dampens vibrations in an ideal way. The toolholder is maintenance free and proves beneficial for micro, super finish machining, heavy-duty and volume metal cutting. The Tribos Polygonal Toolholder range comprises of diverse products such as the Tribos-R, Tribos-RM, Tribos-S and the Tribos-Mini.

Sino-R Expansion Toolholder

Suitable for thread milling, the Sino-R toolholder can be used as a universal toolholder on the basis of expansion technology. The toolholder proves beneficial for large volume cutting, thread milling, drilling and cutting. It also offers a versatile clamping range due to intermediate sleeves and when clamped, the tool transfers torques of up to 800 Nm. The Sino-R Expansion Toolholder also offers an optimum ratio between clamping force, rigidity, and damping.

Quick change pallet systems

Apart from the toolholders, the company also displayed quick change pallet systems for diverse machining applications. Vero-S is the modular quick-change pallet system for quick and extremely precise conversion of workpieces, clamping devices or other equipment on modern machining centers. The modular system offers more than 1,000 workpiece clamping variants.

Visitors were impressed by the sheer range of solutions exhibited by SCHUNK at the European trade fair and we are certain that the firm must have generated potential business leads from the well recognised show.

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