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There is always room for improvement. One of the global leaders in superior clamping technology and gripping systems, Schunk, showcases just that with its recent developments and technologies.

The SCHUNK Co-act JL1 gripper is claimed to be the world’s first intelligent gripping module for human/robot collaboration.
The SCHUNK Co-act JL1 gripper is claimed to be the world’s first intelligent gripping module for human/robot collaboration.
(Source: SCHUNK)

Schunk which will be one of the big exhibitors at the Automatica fair 2018, has a market presence across 50 plus countries. The company claims to offer the world’s largest range of clamping technology and gripping systems, with more than 2,550 Schunk grippers, the broadest range of standard gripper components in the market. Tracking the innovations by the firm, we bring you a few of the most trending products introduced by the organisation.

Schunk Co-act grippers

The Schunk Co-act JL1 gripper is claimed to be the world’s first intelligent gripping module for human/robot collaboration which directly interacts and communicates with humans. One can use diverse sensor systems and make adjustments to the gripping processes in real time. The gripper includes different ‘senses’ which can be used to record, evaluate, and communicate situational, ambient and operational conditions.

In addition to this, the Schunk Co-act EGP-C gripper is the maiden industrial gripper that has been certified and approved by the DGUV for collaborative operation. The compact 2 finger parallel gripper is enclosed with a collision protection cover and can be used across various applications, for instance, it can be utilised for assembling small components in the electronics industry, assembling applications in the automotive sector and much more. The gripper has been specially designed for safety of the workers and can be controlled via digital I/O. With an operating voltage of 24V DC, the Co-act EGP-C gripper is also suitable for mobile applications.

The industrial grippers are installed as a pre-assembled unit with the right robot interface for cobots of Kuka, Fanuc and Universal Robots. Programming modules are also provided for all conventional cobots which further reduce the commissioning effort. With the assistance of LED lights fitted in the gripper, the user is signalled the condition of the module. A high level of efficiency is also achieved owing to maintenance-free servomotors and powerful junction roller guides in the gripper.

Schunk PGN-plus-P gripper

In addition to this, the new Schunk PGN-plus-P gripper is available with permanent lubrication and improved multi-tooth guidance. With the incorporation of three new technical innovations, the gripper is setting the bar even higher for pneumatically actuated universal grippers. Improved multi-tooth guidance is the first added feature to the gripper. Higher moments can be accommodated and thus up to 50 % longer fingers can be used due to the enlarged supporting dimensions between the six load-bearing shoulders of the patented multi-tooth guidance.

Next is permanent lubrication that is offered via the continuous lubrication pockets in the guidance. For short strokes in particular, the principle of minimum quantity lubrication ensures a particularly fast and even distribution of the lubricant so that the gripper is maintenance-free under normal operating conditions. Lastly, the new Schunk PGN-plus-P comprises an enlarged drive piston area which leads to an increase in the gripping force by up to 50 %. The gripper has been introduced in sizes 50 to 125 and provides a precise repeat accuracy of 0.01 mm. With a reduced total cost of ownership, the gripper is known for its robustness, reliability and precision in the micron range.

Quick-change pallet technologies

The company has also come up with two premium quick-change pallet modules – VERO-S NSE3 138 quick-change pallet module and the VERO-S NSE-T3 138 tombstone module. The unique feature of these pallet modules is their optional spring-actuated cone seal that automatically locks the module’s changing interface once the clamping pin is lifted. This prevents dust or other small chips from lodging into the interface.

In the VERO-S NSE3 138 quick-change pallet module, Schunk has incorporated an enormous pull-down force of 8 kN or 28 kN with activated turbo function as well as increased dimensional stability for the module body have a positive impact on the rigidity of the clamping solutions. This means that the highest tilting moments and transverse forces can be reliably absorbed when parts are clamped at the base for machining. With a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm, clamping and positioning of the premium modules is also carried out through a short taper. Both the models offer corrosion free design and are compatible with the previous VERO-S modular system.

With constant improvements in their recent products, Schunk has made clear that it is poised for growth and innovation!

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