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Quick-change pallet technologies

The company has also come up with two premium quick-change pallet modules – VERO-S NSE3 138 quick-change pallet module and the VERO-S NSE-T3 138 tombstone module. The unique feature of these pallet modules is their optional spring-actuated cone seal that automatically locks the module’s changing interface once the clamping pin is lifted. This prevents dust or other small chips from lodging into the interface.

In the VERO-S NSE3 138 quick-change pallet module, Schunk has incorporated an enormous pull-down force of 8 kN or 28 kN with activated turbo function as well as increased dimensional stability for the module body have a positive impact on the rigidity of the clamping solutions. This means that the highest tilting moments and transverse forces can be reliably absorbed when parts are clamped at the base for machining. With a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm, clamping and positioning of the premium modules is also carried out through a short taper. Both the models offer corrosion free design and are compatible with the previous VERO-S modular system.

With constant improvements in their recent products, Schunk has made clear that it is poised for growth and innovation!

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