Product line Schunk’s contemporary products

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais / Lina Klass

The company has come up with innovative products that will assist and enable the manufacturing sector to carry on operations with ease on the shop floor.

The SCHUNK ROTA NCR-A consists of a central chuck piston carrying three inner pendulums aligned at 120°.
The SCHUNK ROTA NCR-A consists of a central chuck piston carrying three inner pendulums aligned at 120°.
(Source: SCHUNK)

Schunk is known for its clamping technology and gripping systems. The organization has recently introduced many innovative technologies for the manufacturing sector such as the Sealed 6-jaw power chuck, lightweight jaws, freely programmable magnetic switches and the fully automated inline depanelling machine. Some of the product’s features have been mentioned below:

Sealed 6-jaw power chuck

Schunk has added a sealed 6-jaw pendulum compensation chuck for clamping deformation-sensitive workpieces to its product line. The special seals located on the serrated jaw interface and pistons of the Schunk ROTA NCR-A prevent grease from being flushed out and prevent the clamping force from being gradually lost. Precise chuck function is ensured, even at low clamping forces. In addition, the seal prevents chips or dirt from ingress into the chuck body, which increases process reliability and lengthens maintenance intervals, translating into less frequent lubrication and cleaning of the lathe chuck.

The Schunk ROTA NCR-A consists of a central chuck piston carrying three inner pendulums aligned at 120°, each of them connected to two base jaws. This ensures workpiece centering between six contact points, which can be adjusted in pairs. As the clamping forces are directed towards the chuck center, optimal centering is achieved without distortion of the workpiece. The chuck perfectly adjusts to the workpiece with its oscillating jaws. With conventional jaw clamping, this configuration allows for maximum concentricity of the workpieces and ensures optimal centering at the same time.

Lightweight jaws

The company is also offering a range of diverse claw and stepped jaw models for raw part clamping from the world's largest range of standard chuck jaws also optionally as a lightweight version. Depending on the jaw type, you save around 40 % of the weight but completely retain all of the characteristics of the standard jaws, such as stability. The lightweight chuck jaws primarily reduce the effects of centrifugal force at high speeds, which reduces the loss of clamping force and increases process reliability.

Alternatively, parts that are sensitive to deformation require lower clamping forces in order to machine workpieces in a process-stable way. Other advantages are improvements to the interfering contour as well as energy saving since less mass is accelerated and slowed down. The weight-reduced chuck jaws therefore provide the ideal preconditions for the use on lightweight lathe chucks such as the Schunk ROTA NCE, but also on conventional lathe chucks with fine serration or tongue and groove.

Freely programmable magnetic switches

Next in line is the freely programmable and universally applicable magnetic switch with ATEX certification for device group II, category 2 for monitoring gripping systems in potentially explosive areas. The MMS 22-PI1-EX has a freely programmable switching point and detects a magnet inside of the actuator. It can be placed directly in the C-slot of the gripping or rotary modules with no interfering contours. Instead of time-consuming mechanical adjustment of the switching point, the magnetic sensor can be programmed in just a few steps.

The required magnetic teaching tool is included in the scope of delivery and an optional plug-in teaching tool is also available. The corresponding switching condition is indicated on an LED display. Adjustable hysteresis of the sensor ensures reliable position monitoring even with very small strokes, which makes improved analysis and control of the entire gripping process possible.