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The company’s recent innovation – the thread forming tap CoroTap 400 improves efficiency and overall productivity in the automobile industry. In addition to this, Sandvik’s cemented carbide grade, GC 1130 has also been felicitated for being one of the firms most best-selling products.

Sandvik has recently launched CoroTap 400, a thread forming tap that offers quicker cutting speeds i.e. up to 50 per cent faster.
Sandvik has recently launched CoroTap 400, a thread forming tap that offers quicker cutting speeds i.e. up to 50 per cent faster.
(Source: Sandvik Coromant)

Over the years the Sweden-based company Sandvik Coromant has supplied numerous tools and tooling systems for industrial metal cutting. The company is well known for its cemented carbide tools, diamond tools, cubic boron nitride tools as well as special ceramics tools. To create awareness of such products in the market the company actively participates in global machine tool trade shows.

One such event in which Sandvik is looking forward to exhibit its innovations includes the 29th edition of the Japan international machine tool exhibition – JIMTOF 2018. The show is expected to attract the crème of the machine tool industry from across the globe and also witness footfalls in large numbers. Sandvik aims to showcase some of its leading and most recent cutting-edge products and solutions at the world renowned expo.

Sandvik's thread forming tap CoroTap 400

Sandvik has recently launched CoroTap 400, the thread forming tap for the automotive industry. The tap offers better thread quality and quicker cutting speeds i.e. up to 50 per cent faster. It also ensures enhanced efficiency, longer tool life, improved process security and reduced costs.

The CoroTap 400 is equipped with an optimised lobe profile that meets the requirements for ISO P applications. The tap comprises a shorter thread length and boasts of multiple lobes which proves useful for reducing the torque of the machine tool spindle. This enables to increase the overall efficiency and leads to increased productivity, fewer machine stoppages, reduced cost per hole and improved tool life for better process planning.

Cemented carbide grade GC 1130

Recently, one of the firm’s products – the cemented carbide grade, GC 1130 – won the ‘Wilhelm Haglund Medal for the Product Developer of the Year’ award. The award is dedicatedly given to Sandvik’s employees who were successful in creating a significant contribution in product development. Designed for steel milling, the cemented carbide grade has become one of Sandvik’s super hit series in terms of sales.

The firm’s unique product range makes use of a fine-grained cemented carbide with a high content of chrome along with a coating made from Sandvik’s specialised production technology for PVD grades – Zertivo. This process assists in increasing control over the manufacturing mechanisms which is then transferred according to the specific requirements of the grade. This results in a more stable product which offers a longer cutting life which proves beneficial for the customer.

Sandvik Coromant plans to display many other innovations at the upcoming JIMTOF international exhibition.

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