Company Insight Romania: Small rollers - great know-how

Author / Editor: Xu Ying / Theresa Knell

In recent years, Damon Industry’s robust and reliable conveyor rollers, solid belt conveyor pulleys and the high torque DC24V MDR Pulseroller have proven their advantages in different industries. They are not only very popular on the Chinese market but have also convinced many European customers. Users in logistics can rely on the company’s warranty for their core components used in automatic, intelligent and efficient production lines. In this way, Damon Industry could secure a leading position in the industry.

Go global for new glories!
Go global for new glories!

“Customers choose Damon Industry because it not only provides stable and reliable products but also perfectly tailored services. From component sourcing, technical service to after-sales support - we provide our customers with the most professional and comprehensive experience and technical support. All our efforts focus on the customers’ demands. Because of the expansion of Damon Industry’s portfolio and the growing number of European customers, we have set up factories in Romania to provide local production and services for European customers. Therefore, we can meet the technical demands of European customers and provide more rapid and convenient services,” explains Mr. Jin Chunhui, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Damon Industry Equipment Co. Ltd. The company has successfully moved from the main market in China to the become a global supplier.

Damon's participation at LogiMAT 2019

At Germany’s LogiMAT 2019, one of the most important international logistics exhibitions, Damon Industry showcased their solutions, complete product portfolio and professional services. The whole range of gravity conveyor rollers, driven conveyor rollers, accumulating conveyor rollers, conveyor rollers for heavy duty pallets and belt conveyor pulleys were presented to provide customers with a comprehensive overview.

This was the third time for Damon to participate at Germany’s LogiMAT. “Conveyor rollers are like reinforcing cement with steel. An intelligent conveyer line comprises numerous conveying rollers. They play an essential role for efficiency and provide the basis for an intelligent of conveying system. Damon is striving to make the core components more stable and reliable, with the aim of improving the competitiveness of the customers’ logistical systems,” Deputy General Manager Jin continued. “At the same time, our small rollers are the result of extensive knowledge. We are always striving to do better. For example: logistical systems are getting ever faster. We reacted to this trend by increasing the running speed of Damon Industry’s rollers from the initial 120m/min to 200m/min. In order to meet heavy-load conveying requirements, Damon Industry’s conveyor roller for heavy duty pallets achieve a failure-free operation of one million product cycles on average. These rollers have completely exceeded the customers’ basic demands and are well appreciated by them. To ensure a smooth transport of small objects on slightly angled slopes, Damon Industry has developed a new design and customized the rotating light-roller for chutes. The turning effort required for a 1500g roller is only 12g, which meets the requirements for the sliding transportation of light goods. Customers trust in the reliable and stable product performance. Currently, more than 3 million rotating light rollers from Damon Industry are installed. They are used in the high-speed sorting systems of global logistics distribution centers such as Amazon and DHL.” These quality standards were expressed by the company’s trade fair motto of ‘Intelligence, Efficiency & Innovation’.

Future trend

Deputy General Manager Jin: “Damon Industry has developed the first functional APP in the industry. It enables customers to select models conveniently, acquire product information, order status and market information and get into touch with our experts. Apart from that, we provide 24-hour online services as well as solutions and technical information for our customers. This is the core of Damon Industry’s intelligent services.”

With the continuous change in customer requirements and the advancement of intelligent manufacturing, Damon Industry, will face new challenges as a leading supplier of core components for the logistical industry. However, by following the philosophy of innovation and giving priority to customer needs, the company is well positioned for the future.

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