Used Machines Retec, International Trade Fair for Used Technology, is announced for 2017

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Retec positions itself as the successor of Usetec and from 2017 it is going to switch between the locations of Augsburg and Essen on a yearly basis. The organizers expect more than 300 exhibitors and 5,000 trade visitors from all over the world, as well as a great demand potential from the developing countries.

Used machines are – in contrast to new machines with long delivery periods – immediately available and inexpensive.
Used machines are – in contrast to new machines with long delivery periods – immediately available and inexpensive.
(Photo: Afag Messen und Ausstellungen/Drollinger)

The well-known private fair organizer AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH, Nürnberg/Augsburg, and the trade fair consultant Hess GmbH, Weingarten, cooperate on the development and reorientation of the fair. AFAG has taken over the task of organizing, while the FDM, Association of Machine and Tool Trade, Bonn, assumes the functional operation and Hess GmbH is counsellor for the organizers.

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Specialized support comes from the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants (EAMTM), Brussels. Additionally, numerous national associations and professional magazines have been attained worldwide as competent partners.

Simultaneous to Hannover Messe

Retec as a trade fair for used technology is moving closer to the important European markets of mechanical engineering and will be held simultaneously to the Hannover Messe (April 24-28 2017) on April 25-27 2017 at Messe Augsburg and in the following year at Messe Essen. From Augsburg it will be easy to reach out to Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria, Switzerland, Northern Italy and Austria and their demand potential. At Essen especially North Rhine-Westphalia and the Benelux countries will be addressed.

Hess GmbH, founder and longstanding organizer of the trade fairs Resale and Usetec, functions as counsellor for AFAG – a private and well-established trade fair organizer, who is also operating internationally – with the optimal development of the trade fair for used machines and plants from every sector. Across sectors the multi-faceted used machine market gets the opportunity to answer to specific requirements very effectively and efficiently within a very short process of decision making.

Assiciations Appreciate the New Orientation

Functional operator of Retec is the Association of Machine and Tool Trade FDM, Bonn. Kurt Radermacher, CEO of FDM, particularly appreciates that the important fair-platform of the sector has again a perspective, and that Retec, the “World of Used Technology”, is presented annually either in Augsburg or Essen. He said, that in combination with the exceptionally successful international trade fair for grinding, GrindTec, the AFAG had already a great affinity to the sector.

The supporting associations, especially the Association of Machine and Tool Trade FDM as functional operator and the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants EAMTM, appreciated the new constellation with an independent trade fair organizer and interchanging locations very much, said Kurt Rademacher.

Ton Matena, president of EAMTM, Brussels: “For the European Assiciation of Machine Tool Merchants (EAMTM) Retec is a strong and unique marketing tool and an important marketplace, where European and international distributors can present their special offers to prospective customers from all over the world. The face-to-face-concept of the trade fair is even in today’s world of internet and social media irreplaceable. EAMTM will make up one of the biggest exhibitor groups and will support the organizers at AFAG and Hess GmbH extensively to lead Retec trade fair to big success in the following years.”

Big Demand from Emerging Market Countries Expected

AFAG together with its partners relies on the high internationality and the very specific and individual requirements of the costumers from every region of the world, particularly from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Strong demand is expected from Iran, Turkey, India, Egypt and Nigeria.

Used machines are – in contrast to new machines with long delivery periods – immediately available and inexpensive. New machines do not match the actual demand in every detail. In developing countries, for example, robust, user-friendly and inexpensive machines are required that work even under the roughest conditions. There, the manufacturing and maintenance of a minimal infrastructure and of a sensible energy supply, as well as the seizure of practical fundamental training at the machine, are of a much greater importance than high-tech in high-end format.

Great Range of Used Machines

The range of Retec involves machines and plants for all sectors and branches – from construction machines and utility vehicles to robotics, machine tools for metal and wood processing, to polymer processing as well as tools and accessories. For visitors from emerging market and development countries the selection of food and packaging machines and process technology is particularly interesting. In addition, the exhibitors of Retec offer a broad range of services, for example retrofitting, control technology, dismantling, reassembly and also special transport of used machines.

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The more special and individual requirements concerning products and applications, the search for customized solutions and the special challenges of manufacturing in developing countries, as well as the currently very favorable market parameters and the – for foreign countries – cheap exchange rate of the euro, will the bring the required power to that very specific market and its international trade fair.

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The trade fair documents for Retec 2017 in Augsburg are already available. Information (in German) about Retec at