Event report Record smashing presence at Automatica 2018

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais / Ahlam Rais

This year’s smart automation and robotics show was a super hit with visitors attending the event in huge numbers. Some of the recent innovations in the robotics segment along with a range of technologies and solutions were showcased at this year’s trade fair.

With a massive footfall of more than 46,000 visitors and 890 exhibitors, Automatica 2018 ended on a high note.
With a massive footfall of more than 46,000 visitors and 890 exhibitors, Automatica 2018 ended on a high note.
(Source: Messe München)

With a massive footfall of more than 46,000 visitors and 890 exhibitors, Automatica 2018 ended on a high note. The four day exhibition which was recently held in Munich, Germany has beaten all previous records in terms of participation and visitor turnout. In terms of international visitors too, this year witnessed an increase of 20 per cent! At this rate, the show is setting the stage to truly become a global trade fair.

Show stoppers

Automatica hosted six main sectors such as assembly and handling, machine vision, robotics, service robotics, IT2 industry and smart maintenance. From this, the IT2 Industry was an interesting sight with new exhibitors, specialist lectures and demonstrations. This central segment witnessed the presence of sixty-four exhibitors from the IT environment.

In addition to this, the event showcased some of the most innovative service robotics in the industry. For instance, the mobile Care-O-bot 4 robot more famously called ‘Paul’ by Mojin Robotics made its grand debut at the show by guiding visitors to the exhibition. The user-friendly robot helps to assist and guide people in retail stores, hostels, offices, etc.

Another human-friendly collaborative mobile robot ‘Lio’ was showcased at the show by F&P Robotics. Capable of carrying out 30 different tasks at once, the mobile and lightweight robot is equipped with a robotic arm, voice control, sensory skin, and internet functions and assists the elderly by serving food, clearing the table, cleaning, and much more.

One of the show stoppers also included the Kinova Ultra lightweight robotic arm that is designed by French-Canadian company, Kinova. The six-axis robotic manipulator arm comprises of a two or three-finger hand that can hold different objects and was created to help people with upper-body limitations. However, it can also be used in industrial applications.

Apart from this, numerous other stunning technologies and solutions in other segments were displayed at the show.

Winners of Automatica 2018

Vogel Communications Group’s MM Maschinenmarkt was once again the host of the prestigious Automatica Awards. From across seven categories, the editorial team voted the best products based on advances in their products and various other criteria. The winners in the seven categories have been mentioned below:

Drive Technology: Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany for the precision gearbox with the principle of a shaft gear for handling robots and ECY collaborating robots

Image Processing & Sensor Technology:SSP Safety System Products with Magnetic Process Lock Holdx SR

Handling and Gripping Technology: Schunk with the collaborating gripper Schunk Co-act EGP-C gripper

Industrial Robots:Preccon Robotics and teconsult precision robotics with their robotic calibration IMS-Intelligent Measurement System

Service Robot: GBS German Bionic Systems with the Exoskellet German Bionic Cray X

Software: Datentechnik Reitz with software for 3D printing and milling with industrial robots Sprutcam

Control Technology: Kawasaki Robotics with the intelligent, manual remote control for industrial robots Successor.

Innovation always sets a trend for future technologies and solutions in the market and awarding the champions of innovations will encourage them to further establish benchmarks in their specialised area.

In just four days, Automatica 2018 proved that it is indeed the hub for innovation and futuristic technologies of the future. The next edition is scheduled to be held from June 16–19, 2020 in Munich, Germany. See you there!

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