Trade events Poland: ITM – Europe meets in Poznań

Author / Editor: Aleksandra Pawlina-Janyga / Rosemarie Stahl

Nearly half of the exhibitors at the ITM Poland trade fair are foreign companies. The extensive representation of countries such as China, France, India, Germany and Italy means that the fair is considered one of the most important trade events in Europe.

The ITM Poland fair, which takes place every June in Poznań, is considered one of the most important industrial events in Europe.
The ITM Poland fair, which takes place every June in Poznań, is considered one of the most important industrial events in Europe.
( Poznań International Fair)

The Innovation – Technology – Machinery fair (abbreviated to ITM Poland), taking place in Poznań on 7-10 June 2016, is the Polish answer to the Hanover Fair in Germany. Last year, the trade show saw nearly 1000 exhibitors and representatives of companies from 27 countries, while the booths were visited by nearly 17,000 visitors from 23 countries of the world. In 2015, the total exhibition area exceeded 21,000 m2 and was divided into 9 pavilions presenting subsequent stages of manufacture of modern products – from the concept and design stage, through treatment, cutting, moulding, welding and painting, to transport and work safety issues. This year, the organisers expect to repeat this result. The fair in June promises to set a new record – in terms of the number of both exhibitors and visitors.


Correlation between science and technology

The ITM Poland fair mainly addresses at representatives of sectors related to broadly understood as metal treatment. A large share of the machinery and devices presented are solutions dedicated to the transport, automotive, surface treatment, railway, smelting, metallurgy, varnish and OHS sectors.

But that is not all: apart from popular machinery solutions, the exhibition halls of the Poznań International Fair will feature the creations of engineers, design teams and scientific units. For them, the ITM fair offers an opportunity to verify theoretical concepts confronted with industrial practice, while entrepreneurs are able to increase the efficiency of their devices, optimise the operation of their plants and increase the market appeal of their companies by implementing innovative solutions. Therefore, the event in Poznań creates a successful fusion of industry, business and science, opening the doors to creating smart factories in the spirit of the Industry 4.0 concept.

Metal in the limelight

The industrial scope of the fair covers six thematic sections: Mach-Tool (machines and tools), Surfex (surface treatment), Hape (hydraulics, pneumatics, drives), Metalforum (metallurgy, steel industry, metal industry), Welding and Science for the Economy (scientific output of research institutes).