Poland: Industry is the Key Issue for Germans

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“In our opinion Poland is a destination characterised by a great potential, in particular for bigger organisations that generate demands for larger amounts of employees speaking many languages, who are also versatile and well educated. Moreover, Poland offers stable legal and economic conditions, which is extremely important for German investors. The size of the market and expected growth of the domestic demand for qualified services are further important aspects”, says Stephan Fricke.

Wrocław is the most popular city for location of German business services. It is appreciated due to good transportation connections with Germany, large number of graduates from Germany Philology and historical relationships with the Western neighbour. Wrocław is followed by Warsaw and Poznań.


Why Poland?

There are a few reasons to place foreign investments in Poland. Foreign entrepreneurs highly appreciate professional qualifications of Polish employees, their involvement and productivity, and in case of management – also higher education, that is observed in case of a relatively large group of people in Poland. Stable legal and economic conditions are also of significant importance for them. A few years ago investors pointed out to the fact that Poland had not introduced the single European currency was an obstacle for them, while now they realize more and more often that Polish zloty has a positive impact on the economic situation in Poland.

German investors most often criticize the complicated tax system and lack of efficiency of the public administration in Poland. But the growing interest in investment in Poland proves that the foregoing aspects have no significant impact on investment decisions made by foreign companies.

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