Sheet metal working Poland: EuroBLECH 2016 marked by Polish solutions

Author / Editor: Robert Ocetkiewicz / Rosemarie Stahl

This year’s edition of EuroBLECH exhibition will not be short of machines, devices and services offered by Polish producers. The Polish representation turns out to be very strong. The International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition starts as soon as the 25th of October and will last for four consecutive days.

The eVa head enabling single-head cutting of material between 1 and 60 millimeters.
The eVa head enabling single-head cutting of material between 1 and 60 millimeters.
(Bild: Eagle)

The event, which will take place in the German city of Hanover, is one of the biggest of this kind in the world. Every year, during EuroBLECH, hundreds of companies from over 40 countries exhibit their products. Within this group, there will also be representatives of the Polish industry who will try to convince future clients and visitors of their solutions. There are at least a dozen of such representatives of the Polish industry and they will present products and services ranging from special perforated sheet metal through lasers to huge robots which are useful in the industry.

Laser cutting

One of the Polish solutions which will be presented during the EuroBLECH 2016 exhibition is a laser cutter equipped with the laser source of 12kW and the latest cutting head eVa from Eagle. The eVa head is a durable and reliable solution for sheet metal working which will be appreciated by companies expecting high efficiency combined with low usage and maintenance costs. Interestingly, the eVa type head has no moving elements in the laser beam and is characterized by a simple design.


What is more, it only contains two motionless lenses. The head’s protective glass is positioned far from the cutting process, thanks to which it is less exposed to dirt being generated by cutting and burning. During the exhibition, the eVa head will be installed in the iNspire 1530 series laser cutter and, thanks to such a combination, EAGLE might well present the fastest laser of all the exhibitors of EuroBLECH 2016.

Another solution worth noticing during the exhibition is the automated slot for laser cutting Kimla Lasercel as well as the CNC HSM Linear BFN 1006 centre from Kimla. The automated slot Kimla LaserCEL can be configured in dozens of ways whilst the fiber Kimla laser cutter which is the heart of the Kimla LaserCEL system can be equipped with a laser source of 8kW. In addition, its capability might be extended by an automatic printing head which allows for sheet metal description prior to cutting.

Sheet metal and nets

The Hanover exhibition will also be a great opportunity to get familiar with the offer of Perfopol, one of Poland’s biggest producers of perforated metal sheet, industrial wire screens and nets. The company will present the advanced technical capabilities of manufacturing semi-finished products and producing finished products, the core of which consists of perforated metal sheets and nets.

It is also worth visiting the stand of the Polish producer Rais-Tools which specializes in toggle clamps and hand presses. The company has over 30 years of experience in the industry and its clients comprise of both Polish and international contractors. One of the new products is a vertical press made of blackened steel with bronze bushes, another is a modular press with a straight base and a cover which transports big loads. The cover used in this press prevents welding splinters.

Numerous premieres

The Polish representation during the International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition will be complemented by Remmert, the company which is going to present, amongst others, the Smart Control 4.0 solution. It is a new graphic user’s interface (GUI), supporting simple operations between human and machine in the steering of Basic Tower. Such a type of interface will be useful in an automated metal sheet warehouse, increasing production efficiency.

During EuroBLECH 2016, it will also be possible to view a live performance of Laser Flex 4.0 at the Yamazaki Mazak stand. This solution will have its premiere during the exhibition in Germany.

EuroBLECH 2016 is one of the most important events for companies associated with the CNC and metal sheet industry. Therefore, the presence of Polish representatives with their interesting solutions seemed mandatory.