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Poland: Efficiency at maximum precision

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Over the years, the brothers have purchased machines with the capacity to accommodate mould sizes of up to one ton. But good CNC equipment is only one piece of the puzzle. “From the beginning we have been working with Meusburger to make bigger moulds,” Cyganik explains. “They make the clamping and cavity plates while we manufacture the inserts and assemble the final moulds. It’s been a very good relationship right from the beginning.”

Clamping system ensures competitive edge

To remain competitive, effective fixturing and quick job change-overs are equally vital, because an idle machine doesn't make money. Reducing set-up time is a common goal regardless of the machining process – whether milling or EDM. As a consequence, C-Form relies on Meusburger’s highly precise and innovative H-1000 clamping system, which gives the Polish company a competitive edge. According to Meusburger, the H-1000 guarantees short set-up times and precise repeat clamping without collision contours – a system designed to save customers time and money.

Cyganik confirms the system’s ability to facilitate set-up. “The H-1000 covers a variety of clamping situations on our milling machines as well as EDM die sinkers,” he says. “Since we introduced the system last year, we managed to reduce our set-up times by as much as 50% and as a result reduce our lead times, making us even more competitive.”

His machine operator, Mr Stachowiak, demonstrates the set-up and clamping procedure for an F-plate on the company’s new milling machine; a procedure that has been reduced from 25 to only 5 minutes.

First, he removes the threaded plugs for the respective mould size and diagonally inserts four centring bodies. The F-plate is placed above and clamped with expansion rings without any collision contours. Within minutes, the mould plate is positioned, clamped and ready for machining.

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“Since the only protruding edges are the contours of the workpiece itself, machine programming is simplified and the risk of collisions minimised,” Gregor Dytko, Meusburger Area Sales Manager Poland, explains.

“The split-line faces of the plates can be machined across the entire surface without meeting any obstacles. The system also makes it possible to repeatedly position plates within micron tolerances. The Meusburger solution is simple and efficient.” The H-1000 Wizard supports customers like C-Form with the system configuration. There is a choice of six different plate sizes. “All accessories required are calculated automatically and the various clamping options can be defined with just a few clicks of the mouse,” Dytko adds.

Additionally, the system can be quickly converted, and pallets turn the H-1000 into a multifunctional clamping system. “Meanwhile, we use the clamping system on all of our machines where possible,” Cyganik says. “It definitely pays for itself after producing only a few moulds.”