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Poland: Defence industry faces historic opportunity

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Potential niche markets

Until now, the Polish defence industry has developed few „islands” of innovation, and in fact has not generated much new technology which could drive other sectors of the economy. To change this situation, it will be necessary to develop new technological competencies, whether based on home-grown R&D, or by joining a network of collaborative suppliers for the benefit of international concerns and using this as a basis for building a brand in well-defined market niches.

The industry should continue its current strategy involving the search for ways to link up Polish companies with the global production chain by creating alliances with leading foreign suppliers. Among the most promising areas in this context are photonics, ICT (C4I), materials engineering, automation, robotics, and mechatronics, The MSPO 2016 International Defence Exhibition is an outstanding opportunity for the armaments industry to present its current offer and prospects for development, when the fair takes place in early September 2016 in Kielce.


Plans for the role of the armaments industry in national defence and the national economy are ambitious. First of all, the defence industry is set to become the most important element – alongside the armed forces, and the national crisis management establishment – of the defence potential of Poland. Secondly, the industry would like to become a leader in the knowledge-based reindustrialisation of the economy, also including areas which are not strictly related to military technology. Thirdly, in the area of production, a key role is to be played by cooperation and partnerships with world leaders in the military supply branch, while in the R&D field specialised technologies, so-called dual-use technologies, are to be developed. Last but not least, the offer of the Polish defence industry is to have a global character, ensuring its return to international markets. Such expectations are well-founded; it will only be necessary to break through the current malaise in this respect. And that this can be done is shown by the example of the privately-owned WB Electronics company, which is currently one of the leading exporters of Polish military equipment.