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With intelligent strapping machines, Mosca intends to make customers’ packaging processes more efficient. The means of achieving this include RFID technology and remote access.

According to Mosca, the Evolution Sonixs MS-6 is best suited for strapping low and heavy products.
According to Mosca, the Evolution Sonixs MS-6 is best suited for strapping low and heavy products.
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Regardless of whether in the rapidly growing e-commerce sector or in classical production firms, entrepreneurs have to adapt their processes increasingly quickly to various batch and product sizes. Worldwide, several million packages are delivered every day. “The boom in the logistics sector has been obvious to us for some years now,” explains Timo Mosca, CEO. “Firms who come to us pack and send the most varied products. Correspondingly, they are looking for types of packaging which can be adapted flexibly to changing parameters such as package size and security requirements.”

The extent to which Mosca thinks in terms of Industry 4.0 and networking capability is shown in an RFID system developed in co-operation with PSI Automotive & Industry and Winckel, and with which users can manage their strap stocks. This is how it works: RFID gates and network-capable strapping machines read the RFID tags fitted to the strap spools and pass the information on to the customer’s ERP system. The system orders necessary replacements autonomously as soon as warehouse stocks fall to a certain limit.

Managing the packaging of bulky goods efficiently

Mosca developed the strapping machines Evolution Sonixs MS-6 and Evolution Sonixs MS-6-H specially for heavy and bulky goods. These machines are ideally equipped for fully automatic and networked applications, and can be integrated optimally into production lines, thanks to in-house conveying technology, the maker says.

Their open interfaces and the resulting networking options support not only fully automatic production: in the event of a fault, Mosca technicians can also access the machine via remote access, identifying and dealing with error sources quickly.

While the Evolution Sonixs MS-6, thanks to its side-mounted power unit, is particularly suitable for heavy products, such as white goods, which are transported on low platforms, the Evolution Sonixs MS-6-H, with its vertically extendable wooden frames, is capable of gripping high packages (such as various fridge/freezer combinations) quickly and flexibly on all sides.

Mosca can be found at Hannover Messe at Hall 19, Booth C80.

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