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The firm’s contemporary multitasking CNC machine, the MU-8000V Laser Ex combines traditional machining with laser metal deposition capabilities. The technology is expected to prove beneficial and convenient for industry players across the world.

The new MU-8000V Laser Ex multitasking CNC machine combines the latest laser additive technology with subtractive manufacturing capabilities in a single set up.
The new MU-8000V Laser Ex multitasking CNC machine combines the latest laser additive technology with subtractive manufacturing capabilities in a single set up.
(Source: Okuma)

Okuma Corporation focuses on building machine tools and is renowned in the industry for its CNC lathes, machining centers and turn-mill machining centers. The firm’s solutions are used across varied industry sectors including aerospace, defence, automotive, construction, oil, energy, medical and the die and mould sectors. The global company customises its product range according to the specific regions it deals in.

New multitasking CNC machine

Okuma America Corporation has recently unveiled the new MU-8000V Laser Ex multitasking CNC machine. With this product, complete part production is available on a single machine as it merges the latest laser additive technology with subtractive manufacturing capabilities. The machine is equipped with the laser metal deposition (LMD) technology which proves ideal to cut unique parts of many different sizes and shapes. Via this unique deposition technology, powder is supplied from the nozzles after which the laser melting process is carried out.

In this mechanism, different types of materials can also be combined to create three-dimensional fabrication and cladding. It is interesting to note that parts can also be repaired or inspected during the overall production process. Enhanced efficiency and resolution can be achieved with the assistance of an infinitely variable control of laser spot diameters (Ø0.4 to 8.5 mm).

By adopting the LMD technology over the laser metal fusion (LMF) technology in Okuma’s MU-8000V Laser Ex, the machine offers certain plus points including mid-process part inspection and material exchange, coolant use in work envelope, faster process than powder bed fusion, and three-dimensional fabricating.

Added features in future Laser Ex series

The company also intends to come up with additional products in the Laser Ex series. The new range will incorporate new and enhanced features such as laser hardening; process-intensive turn hardening and grinding; and resin mould repairs.

The laser hardening technique will be used to work on the carbon steel material. The process-intensive turn hardening and grinding feature can be utilised for cutting and grinding activities on a single machine without making adjustments in the setup. Whereas, the resin mould repairs function accommodates hard-to-cut and high-hardness materials and carries out multiple functions such as crack removal to finishing on a single machine.

Okuma at JIMTOF 2018

Okuma has a wide range of products and this specialised technological solution may be displayed by the firm at the soon to be held global machine tool expo, JIMTOF 2018 which will be hosted in Japan. By exhibiting this innovation at the trade fair, the company aims to attract potential queries and significant leads which will enhance Okuma’s business prospects in the future.

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