Japan New management for Mapal in Japan

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Koichi Matsuda (56) is the new head of the Japanese subsidiary of Mapal in Saitama. He succeeded Toshiyuki Funabashi in the first quarter of the year, who has retired after 50 years of work.

Koichi Matsuda is now head of Mapal in Japan.
Koichi Matsuda is now head of Mapal in Japan.
(Source: Mapal)

Matsuda has many years of experience in the management of international companies in the machining industry, Mapal announced. After his education in Japan, Koichi Matsuda started his professional career in Germany in 1982. He first trained to be an industrial mechanic and then took a further education course to become a mechanical engineer. He then worked in different company divisions and most recently supervised the European sites of a Japanese machine tool manufacturer.

In 2000 he returned to Japan and carried out pioneering work with the establishment of a subsidiary for a German machine tool manufacturer. Six years ago, he switched to the precision tool industry. The 56-year-old brings a great deal of expertise as well as excellent linguistic skills and cultural knowledge to his new position.

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