LVD New Design PPEC Series Press Brakes

Editor: Lisa Saller, Lisa Saller

LVD Company nv announces the new generation of the PPEC series hydraulic press brakes. Up to 350 ton they now feature a new modern and ergonomic design with integrated status lighting. At the same time the touch control for all PPEC machines, ranging from 35 up to 640 ton, has been upgraded to LVD's latest graphical icon driven controller TOUCH-B.

The new modern design with built-in status lighting gives the machine an elegant appearance.
The new modern design with built-in status lighting gives the machine an elegant appearance.
(Photo: LVD)


The new design with built-in status lighting gives the PPEC an elegant appearance in line with the Easy-Form® press brakes. The status LED lights indicate the machine’s operation status, enabling more effective shop management for higher throughput. An optional LED lighting system illuminates the back gauge and front work zone areas to provide better operator visibility and increased worker safety.


The touch control has been upgraded from the CADMAN® Lite control to the full-featured, icon-driven TOUCH-B control. Working with TOUCH-B is easy and intuitive, no matter the operator skill level. With minimal input he can create and simulate 3D-designs on a 19” touch screen. Additionally the controller is compatible with LVD's offline bending software CADMAN®-B.

Press brakes equipped with the TOUCH-B control also feature a jog button on the

foot pedal, allowing the operator to ‘jog’ individual axes of the machine for fine adjustments.

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