Mobility Solutions New Brand of Hitachi Astemo Debuts at Auto Shanghai 2021

Editor: Ahlam Rais

On April 19, 2021, the 19th Shanghai International Auto Show kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in China. Hitachi Automotive Systems (China) Co., a leading international supplier of auto parts, debuted with a new brand image.

Hitachi Astemo Automotive Systems’ new brand image
Hitachi Astemo Automotive Systems’ new brand image
(Source: Hitachi Automotive Systems China)

Shanghai/China – This is the brand's first appearance in China, marking a new start for Hitachi Astemo in the Chinese market and attracting great attention from the industry. The concentrated display of several advanced technologies and products fully demonstrate Hitachi Astemo’s dynamic innovation capabilities and industry leadership in technology development.

Integrating advantages to meet industry changes

In recent years, the automobile and motorcycle industries are undergoing disruptive changes under the technological wave of ‘intelligence, interconnection, electrification, and sharing’. In order to meet future challenges, companies in the industry must expand their scale and resources to support the development of advanced technologies and comprehensive solutions required by the industry to achieve long-term sustainable development.

Under such background, Hitachi Astemo was established. Merged by four companies: Hitachi Automotive Systems Co., Keihin Co., Showa Co., and Nissin Kogyo Co., the new company adopts the joint-stock operation model, with Hitachi Manufacturing Co., accounting for 66.6 % of the shares and Honda Motor Co., accounting for 33.4 % of the shares. The new company completed its business merger on January 1, 2021, officially opening a new chapter in global operations.

"The birth of the new company has given us more vitality and a new sense of mission. After integrating the existing scale and advantages of the four companies, as an independent and globally influential large-scale supplier, we have the resources and ability to provide technical support and overall solutions for the increasingly sophisticated needs of customers to adapt to the rapidly changing world," said Brice Koch, Global President and CEO of Hitachi Astemo.

Hitachi Astemo has business outlets in 27 countries and regions in Asia, North America, South America and Europe including Japan, China and India, and has approximately 90,000 employees.

"The Chinese market is the world's largest automobile market, where electrification, autonomous driving, sharing, and networking are developing rapidly. Hitachi Astemo has 22 production and R&D bases in China. As a leading system supplier, we will always be committed to providing strong support for customers in China to meet future challenges together," said Seng Weili, Senior Vice President of Hitachi Astemo and President of China.

Looking forward to the future, providing mobility solutions

Hitachi Astemo takes the meaning of "Advanced Sustainable Technologies for Mobility" and its development concept is to "create a safe, comfortable and sustainable mobility life through technologies that can contribute to an advanced and sustainable society", committed to the development of advanced and sustainable technologies and becoming a leading supplier of advanced mobility solutions for the automobile and motorcycle industries.

Combining the overall advantages of the four companies, Hitachi Astemo will be among the ranks of global aircraft carrier-level suppliers, and provide forward-looking mobility solutions for the automotive and motorcycle industries through its core business of powertrain system, chassis system, and advanced driver assistance system.

The new company’s products for the automotive factory-installed market include low-emission powertrain system, high-efficiency drive motors, high-power inverters, suspension system, electric power steering system, braking system, environmental recognition sensors, autonomous driving ECUs, and OTA's control software update technology, etc. In addition, the company's business also covers the motorcycle market, automotive aftermarket, railway vehicles and industrial machinery.

Relying on the expanded enterprise scale and the technical strength of the four member companies, Hitachi Astemo will continue to strengthen technological innovation in the field of ‘intelligence, interconnection, electrification, and sharing’, while optimizing engineering resources and accelerating the new generation of technology development and establishing a global leading position in the field of comprehensive solutions integrating complex software and components.

Accelerating innovation to become a leading supplier in the industry

With the launch of the new company, Astemo Japan will stand at the forefront of science and technology and make use of leading technologies and solutions to improve people's lives and make the world a better place.

During Auto Shanghai 2021, Hitachi Astemo exhibited a full range of leading products in core business areas such as electric powertrain system, advanced chassis system, autonomous driving/advanced driving assistance system, and motorcycles, including on-vehicle motor controller for new energy vehicles and binocular camera for automatic driving.

Based on the concept of modular design, the on-vehicle motor controller based on high-voltage and high-power density technology adopts an overall high-performance cooling structure, uses double-sided direct cooling power modules to complete the compact design of the coolant channel, and optimizes the pressure drop and thermal resistance caused by the pin fin structure to achieve high cooling performance of the power module.

Through the modular design adapted to the voltage and current requirements, it maintains the top current output capability, and greatly improves the withstand voltage level (700 ~ 1200V). The compact structure without flange and screw fixation reduces the overall volume by 15 %, achieving a leap forward in power density generation. On-vehicle motor controller of Hitachi Astemo uses high-efficiency and mature IGBT technology to achieve the same performance of SIC under 800V high voltage while the cost of SIC remains high.

Based on AI algorithms and complex environment recognition technology, Hitachi Astemo achieves integrated vehicle control for safe and autonomous driving. Since 2004, it has invested in the research and development of binocular cameras. Currently, it can provide binocular vision solutions integrating imaging, image processing, object recognition processing, and vehicle control signal generation, which can realize ADAS functions such as ACC and AEB.

The biggest advantage of the binocular camera is that it can recognize any irregular objects and texture objects through the principle of parallax, and can detect the vehicle as a three-dimensional object and use it as a candidate to trigger the control of the vehicle without seeing the overall outline of the vehicle, thereby greatly improving the early detection of overtaking and jamming objects ahead, avoiding frontal collisions, and providing reliable support for safe and comfortable driving.

With the help of the international platform of Auto Shanghai 2021, Hitachi Astemo Automotive Systems set sail in the Chinese market. In the future, Hitachi Astemo will continue to improve the social value, environmental value and economic value of the company by providing advanced mobility solutions that help improve safety, comfort and environmental protection to improve people's quality of life and enterprise value and achieve sustainable development of the world.