Spring Technologies NC Simulation Software Enables Interaction between Planning and Shopfloor

Editor: Stefanie Michel

At its booth in Hall 14, Spring Technologies shows how a complete start-to-finish process, from CAM system to the first flying chip on the machine, can be realised.

With NC-Simul Tool, tools and data can be checked before the simulation stage.
With NC-Simul Tool, tools and data can be checked before the simulation stage.
(Photo: Spring Technologies)

The machine simulation checks the NC code after the post-processor run, generates collision-free programs, and optimises tool paths at the same time, the maker tells us. With the help of the NC-Simul 4CAM module, we hear, CAM and NC programs can be converted automatically for varying machine types and control systems. This includes the NC simulation and optimisation, enabling fast and flexible machine changes with only a few clicks. The comprehensive digital document management likewise accesses all data live, opening up the path for the intelligent and zero-paper factory of the future, the firm adds.

The focus of the fair presentation is on the NC-Simul Tool digital tool management, which is said to enable integration of tools into the global production process, with optimisation of tool stock.

In practice, time savings of up to 45 % in tool preparation are possible. Integrated interfaces apparently take care of connections to CAM systems, management and planning systems, barcode and chip systems, tool presetting devices and automatic warehouse equipment.

Filling the tool database – made easy

The application has its own 3D module and features simplified import functions. Michael Hüttl, Senior Consultant Application Development and expert for NC-Simul Tool at Spring Technologies comments:“Filling the database used to be a hurdle for many companies in the past to implement a tool management system; in our latest version, data import is now much easier and faster – above all due to the new possibility of mass import. In doing so, the data is automatically and correctly sorted into the database.”

The tool database already contains master models according to DIN4003 and ISO13399, which are predefined for faster creation of components and complete tools.

The interface to the tool data platform Tools United is a completely new feature, with which, for example, numerous data sets from a current stock of more than 800,000 tool data sets can be downloaded in one step using an Excel list of part numbers – according to the motto ‘Reading instead of typing’, it goes on.

This simplifies the creation of tool models considerably, even changes such as alignment and positions of coordinate systems can be made directly in the integrated 3D module,” says Hüttl. With NC-Simul Tool, the tools and their data can be checked before the simulation step. For example, if the user wants to switch to another machine, he immediately knows whether the tools and their technology still fit on the new machine.

Spring Technologies at the Metav: Hall 14, Booth C101

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