Hannover Messe Moving into digital technology

Editor: Lina Klass

A measurement transformer provides digital output signals for the first time, with optional wireless transmission.

A lot of power in small space: the REM digital transmitter is accurate, fast and compact.
A lot of power in small space: the REM digital transmitter is accurate, fast and compact.
(Bild: Redur)

The Redur Messwandler GmbH, part of the Phoenix-Mecano Group, has come to the Hannover Messe as a firm moving from analogue to digital technology. Additions to its classical product portfolio to include future-oriented Industry 4.0 solutions make it the innovation leader in the sector.

As its fair highlight, this specialist in development and construction of measurement transformers, transducers and devices, based in Niederzier, North-Rhine Westphalia, presents its new IPU+ measurement transformer with integrated electronics. Redur is thus the first firm to bring a measurement transformer onto the market which directly produces digital signals with optional wireless transmission, we hear.

Plus points of Redur's IPU+ measurement transformer

The new device, according to Redur, has numerous advantages: thanks to the modern digital technology, which allows a higher measurement frequency, the transformer, with an output time of 20 ms, is five times faster than previous analogue technology.

In the event of a short-circuit, it can therefore react very much faster and prevent damage. In addition, it is said to be more precise and friendlier to maintenance and service than is usual. Direct and alternating currents between 0 and 400 Hz are processed.

A further plus point, in Redur’s view, is the elimination of a measurement transducer as well as a second transformer converting an analogue into a digital signal – the new measurement transformer with integrated electronics already contains all these functions in one housing. Instead of three devices, there is now one. This saves space and minimises wiring and installation work.

Likewise new, according to Redur, is the extremely precise, fast and compact REM digital measurement transformer, said to have similar advantages to the IPU+ unit. Additionally, it has the RES 100 high precision measurement system, developed jointly with the sister company Phoenix Mecano Special Measuring Systems. It is based on zero-flow technology and measures both direct and alternating current between 0 and 300 Hz to an accuracy of 100 ppm. With this, we are told, the least wavering in network current can be detected.

The current transformers are now also archived in the Eplan data portal, the leading software for switching cubicle construction. They are being shown, along with large parts of the entire portfolio and in collaboration with sister companies in Hall 12, Booth D48.

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