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Mitsubishi Electric Europe is one of the leading companies that focus on developing automation products and technological innovations in the manufacturing space. We bring you an insight into the company’s innovations.

Addressing the need for precise and affordable control of machine tools for complex machining applications with the new M800/M80 CNC Series.
Addressing the need for precise and affordable control of machine tools for complex machining applications with the new M800/M80 CNC Series.
(Source: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., Getty Images)

Over the years, Mitsubishi Electric Europe has constantly introduced innumerable industry solutions and continues to do so to this very day. Boosting productivity, reducing downtime, and carrying on manufacturing processes with great accuracy and efficiency are vital for the industry. The company has come up with technological solutions to meet these industry requirements. Some of its solutions are mentioned below:

Melfa robots

Mitsubishi Electric launched its collaborative Melfa robot that set the stage for the company’s first dedicated development in the area of human-robot cooperation. The company mentions that while the precision of some collaborative robots may be reduced in comparison with industrial versions, the robot’s performance characteristics mirror those of the Mitsubishi Electric’s industrial autonomous robot range. The Melfa robot offers a repeat accuracy of ±0.02 mm, despite the inclusion of sensitive force/torque sensors and has a load capacity between 5 and 6 kg.

Innovative and easy to use, the robots comprise unique control and programming options. One can also ‘teach’ the cobot its tasks by making use of the intuitive interface which is available on a touch-screen operator terminal which is plugged into the robot. Once the learning is complete, the operator terminal is easily removed so that the robot attains full freedom of movement.

New concept in robotics for predictive maintenance

The firm has also come up with a new concept in robotics for predictive maintenance that can reduce operational costs, increase asset productivity and improve process efficiency. The solution makes use of the AI platform within IBM Watson which enables the smart analysis of operational data to highlight maintenance requirements. Hands-free operation of the robots in order to increase the efficiency and reduce downtime of maintenance operations is also made possible with this solution.

Communications between the robot and the user via the cloud are two-way providing the basis for voice control of the robot. The concept optimises production, increases flexibility, improves product quality, and reduces the cost of maintenance and downtime.

Mitsubishi Electric's M800 and M80 controllers

In addition to this, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the next-generation CNC technology in the form of the M800 and M80 controllers for fast, precise and affordable control of machine tools for complex machining applications. The new series supports up to eight part systems, 32 axes and eight spindles, with multi-spindle synchronisation set control. In order to optimise the acceleration/deceleration of each axis, the controllers have also been included with Mitsubishi’s super ‘smooth surface control’ functionality.

A higher degree of accuracy along with reduced cycle times can be achieved via these controllers. Designed for high-speed, high accuracy machining and multi-axis, multi-part system control, the M800 is a high-grade controller. On the other hand, the M80 is used for less complex machining systems with fewer axes and spindles. The controllers prove beneficial in application areas such as automotive manufacturing, medical component machining and other sectors.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. will be one of the exhibitors at the upcoming Automatica fair in Munich and will present its latest innovations and technologies there.

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