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The firm’s new upgrade kit of the Optimar 100 with image processing proves beneficial for users as it enables to automate and quicken the process of working with measuring instruments.

Optimar 100 with image processing speeds up the process of working with the measuring instrument in an extremely safe manner.
Optimar 100 with image processing speeds up the process of working with the measuring instrument in an extremely safe manner.
(Source: Mahr)

Mahr is one of the leading metrology companies that offer an extensive range of solutions for all measuring tasks. With a presence across multiple countries, the firm has maintained to attract customers from around the world. The company has recently signed a cooperation agreement with German 3D surface metrology manufacturer, NanoFocus. Under the agreement, Mahr will offer confocal microscopes from NanoFocus as the new Mahr product family ‘MarSurf CM’. The move has been carried out as Mahr intends to expand its product portfolio with tactile and optical metrology solutions.

This is not all – to further expand its portfolio the company has also acquired Unipre, an innovative quality supplier of dispensing and mixing systems for processing liquid plastics, specialised in the construction of tailor-made machines and systems.

Optimar 100 dial and digital indicator calibrator with image processing

Mahr’s innovation – Optimar 100 is known for testing dial and digital indicators, test indicators and dial comparators. Now, the company has come up with a new upgrade kit through which one can speed up the process of working with the measuring instrument in an extremely safe manner. The kit comprises the fast image processing of a USB 3.0 camera, stable daylight-independent LED illumination aided with secure digital identification and reading of digits.

The camera automatically records the indicated values of the test indicators and then processes the information with the assistance of software. This enables one to save time, concentrate on more important tasks and at the same time it also proves beneficial for replacing the exhausting and error-prone reading by the operator.

Also, the measuring device is controlled by the Qmsoft software which evaluates the camera image of the scale or number display of the test object, compares the values with the high accuracy internal reference scale and automatically completes the process of calibrating the product under test. Creating and storing test certificates is also possible now with the help of the software.

Further, the hardware and software add-on package provides a cost-efficient way to equip existing measuring stations with Optimar 100 for automated testing. Users can also purchase the Precimar Optimar 100 BV which offers a complete package of the measuring system including image processing.

The enhanced technology is easy to operate, quick in nature and also monitors the indicators under test. The auto-recognition of the vision system ensures that more test items with more data points are recorded faster as compared to the conventional manual methods.

The way ahead

The firm is constantly evolving its products to enhance better productivity for its customers. This year, the company will also be participating at the Asian Machine Tool Exhibition (AMTEX) which is expected to be held in India from July 06–09, 2018.

We are eagerly waiting to witness the recent products and solutions that the firm will be exhibiting at the trade fair. See you there!

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